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GCSE: Miscellaneous

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  1. Marked by a teacher

    English/Media Coursework - Saving Private Ryan

    5 star(s)

    Also, the use of handheld cameras makes the audience feel as if they are running around the battle field with the characters. Finally, the realistic nature of the film shows the audience what the war was like, and gives them a window into the mind of a soldier. This gives us empathy for them. At the start of the film, the audience is shown the iconic image of the American flag, flapping in the wind with the sun shining through it.

    • Word count: 2263
  2. GCSE Astronomy Controlled Assessment B4: Constellation Photography

    -Asterism: a prominent pattern of stars in the sky; often part of a bigger constellation. -Reference star: a star with a known magnitude used to estimate the apparent magnitudes of other stars. Background Information on Constellations: The first documentation of constellations dates back as early as the 2nd century when Ptolemy made his list of 48 constellations which in the modern day has been extended to 88 by the Astronomical Union in 1922. It was found that even Babylonians and Chinese had their own system of documenting the sky dating back to very very early years.

    • Word count: 2103
  3. My Beautician hand book - Basic skincare. How make-up should be applied to different faces.

    Powder brush *?Biggest brush in your kit and all the hair is the same length. *?This is only used to remove excess powder after you have applied it with your powder puff. *?Wash with shampoo and conditioner. 8. Blusher brush *?This is a smaller version of the powder brush. *?Used to blend already applied blush. *?Wash with shampoo and conditioner. 9. Contour brush *?This is used to apply blush and it fits underneath your cheekbones. *?The hair of this brush graduates from short to long.

    • Word count: 15813
  4. Avoiding Layoffs

    377- 380). It is very essential that as a business owner you hire people who have the company's goals on the top of their list too (Mercer, 2007). Avoid hiring deficient employees and hire employees who are ready, willing, and able to succeed. The employees you have in place must have excellent leadership abilities and team building skills if your company is going to prosper and maintain in today's market (2007). Growth in business, revenue, and profitability is the ongoing challenge of any company and in order to arrive at these everyone in your company needs to be a team player (Score, 2007).

    • Word count: 996
  5. St. John Ambulance Service Essay

    (The Knight's Hospitallers were one of the many Orders in the Formed in the Medieval Age. They fought in the Crusades, and played a major part in politics in the Europe. Another similar order was the Knight's Templar, however it was destroyed in the 1300s). These Knights would also form the St. John Ambulance Service in the late 19th Century. In 1877, some of the remaining Knight's Hospitaller formed a charitable organisation called "Saint John Ambulance Service". They would go around train stations and mines, teaching first aid to the workers there. Then, on 14th May 1887, the organisation grew, now teaching everywhere, and providing first aid for events.

    • Word count: 819

    que cubrir durante los seis meses de postnatal, sino que para los otros meses de prenatal tambi�n se necesitar�a un reemplazo, que no solo alterar�a la forma de trabajo (pudiendo perjudicar este) sino que es bastante caro pagarle a una persona extra por casi un a�o. Esto no seria bueno para las mujeres en general, ya que seguramente dejar�an de ser contratadas, siendo perjudicial para todas, aunque no planeen tener hijos. Yo creo que las empresas en est�n viendo a las mujeres no como una persona, una persona que acaba de contribuir con el mundo, con chile, sino que las ven como bienes que solo generan bienes.

    • Word count: 811
  7. Romeo And Juliet Speaking & Listening

    Half way through, Capulet's welcome speech is interrupted by the music starting to play followed by the dancing of the crowd due to the encouragement of the music, at this point the camera should flick to a birds-eye-view of the guests then to a long shot of the hall to capture the excitement. Capulet's anger builds as he try's to restore order without succession, meanwhile Juliet and other members bury their faces in their hands at the whole ordeal, finally Capulet gives up and storms back to join the crowd along with the camera closely following behind his shoulders, his little tantrum triggers a ripple of laughter throughout the contented guests, the other Capulet's soon follow suit.

    • Word count: 947
  8. Analysis of Shrek the film

    At the beginning of the film a group of villagers grab their torches and pitchforks to attack Shrek at sun down. When the villagers are in the woods looking for the ogre the music is non-diagetic, scary and tense. One man in the group of villagers says that the ogre will grind their bones for his bread and at the time he said that Shrek came up behind the group and said that ogres make soup out of freshly peeled skin, shave their livers and squeeze the jelly from their eyes. Suddenly Shrek roars and then reminds them to run.

    • Word count: 1862
  9. Film Review - The Dark Knight

    She actually evoked emotion, an ability Katie Holmes has never quite grasped. Running time 152 minutes Language English Budget $185 million Gross revenue $1,001,921,825 Gary Oldman really stepped up his game in this movie as well. His character played a much larger role in this movie than it did in Batman Begins, and Oldman was certainly able to rise to this. Aaron Eckhart absolutely surprised me in his role as Harvey Dent. I previously considered him a mediocre actor, this having mostly to do with the fact that he had never really played any complex roles before this.

    • Word count: 1366
  10. The dropping of the atomic b**b : Justified?

    Consequently, after much death and destruction, Japan surrendered to Allies on August 14th. President Harry Truman, I am writing to you to inform you of the reasons as to why we, the army of U.S.A, dropped the atomic b**b on two cities in Japan, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It was the quickest method presented to you, and was also one of the cheapest. It had minimal loss of troops, as it was one small plane the 'Enola gay' that carried and dropped the atomic b**b. This option was a good test and sent out a positive message for the rest of the United States of America.

    • Word count: 1704
  11. Haig: Butcher of the Somme

    Economically; economy's ruined, anger at conditions and European map redrawn. In some ways these consequences were opposed by better and brighter things, but not forgotten. Emotional/social included women getting independence and the vote, better medical care and many more jobs available. Militarily, the technology was improved vastly, machine guns and artillery were proven effective and methods were tried and failed, so war plans were rethought. Politically there were not many things that were not bad consequences and Economically, U.S.A became more powerful and businesses grew all over Europe and the U.S.

    • Word count: 2291
  12. They shouldnt have left him alone story beginning

    What a sick world, Grey thought, sick people with sick minds. She sighed as Doctor Johan Vagen, M.E, approached warily. "Lieutenant?" His soft German accent and seemingly frail features looked gentle compared to his steel-cold eyes. He walked with a gentle limp, his mouth pursed in thought. "Doc." "It appears this boy was drowned, but judging from the bluish marks around the ankles and wrists, it looks like he was weighed down, tossed into the Thames. During this process, the ligaments were torn away from the bones, due to it being done so badly.

    • Word count: 947
  13. Female Discrimination

    This social problem is important to learn about because this affects an enormous amount of women in the United States. It affects an enormous amount of women coming from various and diverse backgrounds. Hopefully, by the end of this presentation, eyes will be opened to the prevalence and differences of female discrimination in the workforce. Discrimination against women in the American workforce is very much alive and well today. Although this fact has changed for the better since the enactment of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Equal Pay Act, and various other prohibitions against employment discrimination based on s*x, women continue to experience serious obstacles in regards to equal job opportunity.

    • Word count: 2867
  14. Women's 1950's Roles

    All women were encouraged by organized propaganda campaigns to become more economical during the war, urged to take everyday cutbacks that would ultimately help contribute to war bonds and raise both money and morale for the war effort through sacrifice. Sacrifice was stressed during World War II, and with the birth of "Rosie the Riveter," many women felt the need to make that sacrifice. Rosie the Riveter wasn't just an average women, she was able to accomplish and invent things the average housewife could not while still remaining glamorous. She symbolized change in America and the patriotic duty to work.

    • Word count: 1454
  15. The impression that the British faced the Blitz with courage and unity is a myth

    This was in order to try to ensure their safety from the expected German bombing raids. Despite Government propaganda encouraging evacuation, as it gave children "a chance of greater health and safety", sending children away to strangers was an extremely courageous act as it defied all natural parental instincts that a family should be together in a time of danger. In addition, strangers accepting children into their homes showed that the country was united as people were prepared to help others unknown to them.

    • Word count: 2484
  16. Clueless and Mean Girls

    The character Tai in Clueless was a newly transferred student to the school, geeky-looking and was somewhat a "loner" because she was still new to the school and hasn't made any friends yet. Cher was nice enough to accept Tai in to her group and made Tai feel that she belongs with them, the popular group. Who wouldn't like to be known as one of the girls form the popular group right? With Tai being a part of Cher's everyone looks at her differently and gave her respect and attention.

    • Word count: 1332
  17. Standardized Testing and College

    Colleges and Universities place too much emphasis on standardized test scores, which is difficult for students because they are only tested over a few different subjects, some students get test anxiety; and, they scores they receive on the test can make or break their college education. Most standardized tests only test a student on three or four areas. Not every student is going to be intelligent in those specific subjects. According to Barron's, a test prep organization, "The SAT is a 3 3/4 hour exam, divided into 10 sections- 3 Writing Sections, three Critical Thinking Sections, three Math sections, plus an experimental section" (Barron's).

    • Word count: 801
  18. Clarence TC Ching

    The costs of groceries are not the only problem Hawaii residents face. The main issue that is presently forcing many people out into the streets is the ridiculous price of housing. Due to hard economic times, there are not many jobs being offered to unemployed residents. Now that prices for housing are through the roof, many can no longer afford a home, which not only cause homelessness to rise but poverty as well.

    • Word count: 503
  19. Economic reasons for protectionism

    However, at the mean time they yet to realize the cost advantage from economics of scale. They need time to enlarge their market share, train their laborers and learn to produce via the most cost-efficient method. As much they need 'temporary' protection from low- cost foreign producers until they are able to compete equal footing. So tariffs are put up, making the once-cheap foreign goods to be artificially expensive. Local producers can now raise the price of production and enable them to enjoy some profits. 2. Increase in Revenue In many developing countries, it is quite difficult to earn sufficient revenue from income tax and corporation tax.

    • Word count: 524
  20. Multinational Companies

    A business man argues that immigrants are willing to work hard for a minimum wage, and they can replace my other clients who are demanding more wage. There are also different religious people who are coming to UK, and so then the UK is learning a lot about other religions. Some people come here just to get a better future, and fulfil their hopes, after the European union. There are also shops that are really cheap which is owned by immigrants.

    • Word count: 486
  21. Evaluation of Issues Project

    Steven Spielberg is Jewish, and his film 'Schindler's List' has its point of view to sympathise with the Jews because of the cruelty to them from the Nazis. I was influenced by this director to be very subjective about a topic I am very serious about. I integrated my two art forms through a film. This is using 'moving images' and 'drama.' It is a simple idea but the procedure and the work takes a long time to create.

    • Word count: 1296
  22. The final voyage

    I haven't washed any of my clothes since my nana died eight months ago. Since then, I have never felt like I had a reason to live in this merciless little world. Sometimes I feel like getting the hunting gun from the attic and making the world one less person for it to torture. After a few minutes I found "wearable" top and jeans. Soon after I left home and went to the bus stop to wait for my bus. I work in a computer maintenance company called THE HIVE. I have been working there for more than seven years and I have never got a promotion or a considerate pay rise.

    • Word count: 2395
  23. news rooms

    Once finished, editors write a headline for the story and lay it out (see publishing) on a newspaper or magazine page. Editors also review photographs, maps, charts or other graphics to be used with a story.

    • Word count: 200
  24. Why We Read

    Through books, we do not only learn information, but also speech. In fact, reading improves our language abilities. This is because books assist us in speaking and writing better by providing examples of structured sentences. Furthermore, books add unfamiliar words into our vocabulary. Although this is an enormous reason why reading is crucial, this is not the last purpose books serve; they help us to know other people as well. Through the words of others, we are allowed a glance into strangers' minds.

    • Word count: 488

The General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) is a qualification which students sit at the age of 16. Most students are entered for 8-10 subjects at GCSE although there are some schools where individual entries number 12 or 13 subjects. University admissions tutors and employers are more likely to be impressed by the more moderate range of good grades which show application and commitment.

There is quite a lot of work in each GCSE so it's always advisable to plan for that and make sure you can cope with the workload. In the vast majority ofschools GCSE Maths, English Language and Science are compulsory and the other subjects you will be entered for will be options that you choose from a range offered by the school (in some establishments a language is also compulsory and in others, Religious Studies too). All in all it's worth taking a lot of time in Yr 9 identifying those which you have to take, and then finding out as much as you can about the others before choosing your options.


Conclusion analysis

Good conclusions usually refer back to the question or title and address it directly - for example by using key words from the title.
How well do you think these conclusions address the title or question? Answering these questions should help you find out.

  1. Do they use key words from the title or question?
  2. Do they answer the question directly?
  3. Can you work out the question or title just by reading the conclusion?
  • Compare the representation of class and status for 3 music videos

    "Conclusion These Three videos are all good to compare because the situations are similar in the way that everybody is portrayed to be either high or low in class and status through camera angles, lighting ect. But they all have different story lines. Nelly is trying to get her husband out of her mind, JK is in rehab and the people in the Wiley video are getting through a day in the office. They all compare well in how different status and classes can be used in different situations. Jamiroquoi is high in status while Nelly is high in status but lower than the other people in the video and although Wiley isn't actually in his video, his puppets do a pretty good job of showing that he is high in status."

  • Compare the ways in which the two film openings present their characters and themes, and set up the basis for the story of the whole film.

    "I think that the opening of the more modern version appeals to me more, as I find it very interesting to see the clashing of setting and language working so effectively. The repetition of the prologue was also very good, as it made the opening much more memorable than Zeffirelli's version, something which is key for a good film."

  • Analyse and comment on the effectiveness of the media devices used to present war in sections of Braveheart and Saving Private Ryan.

    "In conclusion I would like to state that both films used their techniques effectively with the wanted effect imposed on the audience. Also, that the use of the camera shots was cleverly organised as they clearly let the audience know what was going on in every one of the scenes in both films. Also, the realism made the films seem more appealing as it made it seem as though it was the complete truth."

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