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GCSE: Miscellaneous

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  1. A Comparison and Contrast of the different views of love presented in Cousin Kate (Christina Rossetti) and The Seduction (Eileen McAuley)

    The men in both poems did not care to provide for their children and the women they had affairs with. I think the men were extremely unemotional and selfish. The young girl in 'The Seduction' is given vodka and made drunk by the young boy she met at the party; therefore he tricks her to have sex with him. The poem definitely shows there is both a physical and mental side to love. The physical part in the two relationships is mainly sought by the men involved.

    • Word count: 3443
  2. God so loved the world

    WILLIAM S. ASHPOLE was ordained a High Priest and Bishop November 27, 1977 by Bernard P. Brockbank. BERNARD P. BROCKBANK was set apart as an Assistant to the Council of the Twelve October 10, 1962 by David O.

    • Word count: 200
  3. Freedom Writers

    As I peered down, I could vaguely make out a large canoe shaped vessel floating in the water and a chain of flickering lights moving across towards the sleepy village down below. Screams began breaking out and I felt an anxious stab in my heart as I realised that the newcomers were definitely not friendly. I could hear explosive, cracking noises as the attackers jeered at the unsuspecting tribe members and the village was set alight. Men shouted, women cried and babies wailed as the flames grew ever larger and more intense until the entire village was burnt to the ground by an all-consuming inferno.

    • Word count: 2066
  4. Should parents be allowed to smack their children?

    For Smacking - the Christian Institute The Christian Institute get their views on smacking from the bible. As Christians, this holy book is at the centre of their faith; its contents are considered by them to be the authoritative guide on how to live. However the bible can be interpreted in many different ways; the opinions of other Christians may differ significantly. The bible says "parents have the responsibility for raising children". The Christian Institute says it also tells fathers to discipline their children and the bible accepts this can cause pain. This is support for smacking.

    • Word count: 902
  5. Chinese American Racism

    Because the Chinese were so industrious and successful in the West, Americans began considering them rivals, even threats, which led to a struggle for Chinese Americans to advance economically in the face of racism and discrimination. In the middle of the nineteenth century, many Chinese men and women departed from their country. The day of departure for America was often filled with sorrowful farewells, and the welcoming to America was also far from euphoric. (Hoobler 23) From the beginning, Chinamen and Chinawomen were looked upon as curiosities by the state of California but at that time there were no immigration restrictions.

    • Word count: 2586
  6. Portrayals of Minorities in pop culture

    2.) An example of how minorities are portrayed in popular culture is shown on the TV show, Cops. This show portrays people who are minorities to be violent, drug dealers, unintelligent, poor family members. Almost all of the drug deals that go on and the violence that goes on is between blacks and other minorities. This is a negative portrayal and it reinforces these certain stereotypes. It showcases blacks and other minorities as being violent and involved with drugs. If I were a member of this group, I would not want other segments of societies receiving this image of me as a member of this group because I would not want to be known as an unintelligent, violent drug dealer who can't get along with his family.

    • Word count: 1646
  7. Immigration to the USA

    In Los Angeles, it is a minority-majority, where Hispanics not Whites are the largest group. For example, street signs are often in Spanish as well as English in many areas of Los Angeles and shops are often catering for Hispanic rather than American tastes. Whilst immigration has added to American culture throughout history, many now feel it has gone too far and fear a "takeover". Another reason why immigration is seen as a good thing in the USA is because employers want cheap labour. And as immigrants are willing to work for low wages which in comparison with their country of origin is a relatively high wage, this can help employers reduce their costs and offer cheaper prices for goods and services.

    • Word count: 719
  8. Child poverty

    in 1999, figures have fallen. Child poverty levels fell by 600,000 since 1998/99 from 4.4 million to 3.8 million (2005/06). Absolute poverty levels have also halved from 3.4 million to 1.6 million. Overall, Child poverty numbers have dropped since the party came into power. However, the Labour government still remains 500,000 short of the target it should have reached by 2004/05. There was also an increase of 200,000 children living in poverty in 2005/06. This casts the Labour governments targets into doubt.

    • Word count: 739
  9. Ethnic Minorities

    in 2005. However it can be argued blacks are under-represented in both branches. 13% of the US population is Black therefore there should be 13 blacks in the Senate whereas there is only one and that has not changed in well over 10 years. The same goes for the House of Representatives, there should be 58 members and as it stands there are only 39. In conclusion, whilst Black representation has increased over the past 15 years they still fail to fully represent the Black population.

    • Word count: 680
  10. Walter Payton Biography - Never Die Easy

    They lived in a town called Hendrick Street where whites were wealthier than blacks and nobody thought twice about it. Walter never grew up knowing what racism was, he just knew it was a feeling. He knew when he should and shouldn't do something, and that was just the way it was. During the summer, Walter loved to make up games and new sports to play with his neighbors. They would just go out into the fields everyday barefoot and play tag football, where Walter learned to get his great speed and quick jolts.

    • Word count: 653
  11. The use of Music in the movies

    Wh?t th? ?v?r?g? m?vi?g??r d??? n?t u?u?lly r??liz? i? th?t ? gr??t d??l ?f tim? ?nd th?ught g??? int? writing th? ?c?r? f?r ? film ?nd ch???ing th? b?ckgr?und mu?ic f?r ? ?c?n?. N?n? ?f th? mu?ic i? ?rbitr?ry; th?m?? ?nd ?ub th?m?? h?v? b??n cr??t?d with ?p?cific id??? in mind ?nd h?v? b??n put in pl?c? ?nly t? ?dd t? th? ?t?ry ?nd th? ch?r?ct?r?. It i? ?l?? imp?rt?nt t? ?ckn?wl?dg? th?t th? ?v?luti?n int? th? typ? ?f film ?c?ring th?t w? ?r? ?ccu?t?m?d t? t?d?y w?? n?t ? quick ?r ???y tr?n?iti?n. It h?? t?k?n ?lm??t ?

    • Word count: 2659
  12. Stake holders report

    However if Chester Zoo increase their entry fee they may lose customers because some people may not have the money to visit the Zoo. Also it is easier to keep an existing customer than to attract new customers, so Chester Zoo should concentrate on keeping existing customers rather than trying to gain new ones. They may do this by providing special offers to existing customers to persuade them to visit again. Customers are also an important source of advertising because if a customer has a good experience at Chester Zoo they will recommend it to friends and family therefore attracting more customers to the Zoo.

    • Word count: 4886
  13. Stopping distance CDA

    It also shows that the greater your speed the longer your Braking Distance. Because the formula for working out the Overall Stopping Distance is to add both of theses distances together, it means that it also increases with the speed at which the car is travelling at. Thinking distance depends on the speed the car is travelling and the reaction time of the driver. The human brain responds quickly but not instantly. It can take from 0.2 seconds to over 1 second to react to something. The main factor that will affect the thinking distance is the speed the car is travelling.

    • Word count: 1720
  14. Should Offensive languge be censored

    Also, this raises the question of is offensive language equally offensive to all people? Personally, I am not too offended by the 'F' word as compared to adults. This is because I often hear it a lot throughout a day.

    • Word count: 386
  15. This house believes recycling should be made compulsory

    Now I will tell you that recycling is also beneficial and that making recycling compulsory not only helps your local neighbourhood, your environment and the world but it also keeps you and others healthy. David shall also take to you about the positives of recycling and the huge variety of forms of recycling there are, which all help the environment in a big way. Recycling should be made compulsory in this country at least, because Britain is so far behind in the recycling stakes.

    • Word count: 827
  16. Excellence and mediocrity

    This student probably has not even read a book since "The Cat in the Hat". "Slackers' do not apply themselves toward their education, typically because they are not interested in their courses. This student has abilities but refuses to use them simply because they are uninspired. These students try to submit as little effort as possible, usually because they would rather spend their time doing other things. Commonly things they should not be doing; thinking and scheming on creative excuses and scenarios for them not to be in class.

    • Word count: 503
  17. Would the World be a Better Place if Large-Scale Emigration to Other Planets were to be Possible?

    Only 17% of planet Earth's landmass is still untouched by mankind (excluding Antarctica). Our world's natural oil and gas resources are soon fully consumed; renewable sources only stand for about 13% of the energy created. All the emissions from burning fossil fuels are carelessly released into the atmosphere, and as a result, the ozone layer is in an incredibly tattered shape. However, if we could move to another planet, thus leaving this one, the Earth would recuperate. The largest hole in the ozone, the one above the Antarctic, would, according to NASA scientists, recover by 2068.

    • Word count: 1269
  18. Making a Coat Hook

    When the edge is straight no light shows through. SAFETY A FILE MUST NEVER BE USED WITHOUT A HANDLE. The end of the file that fits into the handle is called the TANG. If the file is used without the handle the tang can and will quite easily injure the wrist. As the handles are not very secure, perhaps an improvement would be to glue them in place. METHOD OF FILING TO GET A FLAT EDGE ARROWS SHOW DIRECTION OF CUT. MAKING ONE END SQUARE TO THE STRAIGHT EDGE METHOD Using an ENGINEERS SQUARE and a FILE I used a similar method to the straight edge except that instead of the ruler I placed the engineers square against the straight edge.

    • Word count: 546
  19. Titanic - The Review

    Rose developed into a bright, lovely and carefree woman and we were shown this in the scene when she dances with Jack at the Third-class party. Jack on the other hand, didn't change from his lively, fun and easy-going character all through the film, a vital aspect of the film to establish Jack as a Hero. Although, we are shown his bravery when he lets Rose stay on the floating plank, he staying in the freezing water, we are also shown his playful nature when he asks Rose to run away with him.

    • Word count: 1836
  20. How does Stevenson Present Conflict between Good and Evil in Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?

    Right from the beginning of the novel we meet a character who has both good and bad sides to him. Straight away the theme of duality is shown to us through Mr. Utterson. Mr Utterson is a supposed good friend of Dr Jekyll and is very surprised at the content of Dr Jekyll's will. This leads us to meet the character of Mr. Hyde. Mr Utterson instantly dislikes Mr. Hyde as his appearance is not good. This links us to physiognomy; this is brought up a lot in the novel and is mostly towards Mr.

    • Word count: 1557
  21. How useful are these two sources as evidence for the contribution of women to the war

    They had to do work in dangerous conditions, working with TNT explosives, which could turn their skin yellow and when this happened to a women working in a factories they called a canary. The source shows a middle class women getting ready to work whilst in the background the man is preparing to fight in the front line, the contrast between the images shows that how they are interlinked with their work as now women are helping the men who were quite sexist towards them and did not want the progress of women in society.

    • Word count: 986
  22. Tragic Ending in A View From the Bridge

    By the end of the play, the audience sees how Eddie has utterly lost his respect from Catherine. When she sees Eddie after the cousins are arrested, Catherine shouts at Eddie "he's a rat! He comes when nobody's lookin' and poisons decent people. In the garbage he belongs!" This metaphor conveys how unworthy she thinks Eddie is and suggests the disintegration of Eddie's once noble character into one that even Catherine despises. He has lost all credibility in her mind and she has frozen out all love and care for him. Catherine's insolent remarks condemning Eddie would have been unthinkable earlier in Act I, as she used to have an immense capacity for respect of him.

    • Word count: 649
  23. As an actor describe how you would play the part of Squealer? In the selected scene of Animal Farm.

    The opening of the Act involves dialog between Napoleon and Snowball. The conflict is obvious Snowball acts as the voice of reason, whilst Napoleon is determined to dismiss this logic. Snowball knows that Squealer will support Napoleon; and at the point where the sheep bleat the phrase of "For Legs Good, Two Legs Bad", I would have Squealer, standing down left stage in front of Napoleon conducting the sheep to shout the refrain. Lighting would centre on Squealers eyes which would be blazing with excitement.

    • Word count: 723
  24. Comparisons between Marco and Rodolfo in 'A View From the Bridge'

    As America is prospering in the age of affluence, many immigrants including Rodolfo and Marco believe that as long as one works hard, one will be rewarded with good pay. Marco tells Beatrice "I could send [my family] a little more if I stay here." Marco's wish to stay temporarily in the Carbone household is connected with money, which indicates that he, like Rodolfo, is concerned about employment and pecuniary issues. Although they are brothers, Marco and Rodolfo have different characteristics.

    • Word count: 806
  25. Are Footballers Paid Too Much

    Should football involve money? Should it be a voluntary decision because it's a hobby and not a job? Are the extravagant pay packets that some footballers receive seen as unfair towards other hard working, lower-paid jobs? Maybe because you never see a footballer turning down an extravagant amount of money. Maybe it's the manager's fault. And could that money go to a better cause? Every Premier League first team player has more than enough money to cope and have a very good quality of life. But do other people suffer because of this? Areas of Study. My research question links into the political and economic area of study.

    • Word count: 3680

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