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GCSE: Miscellaneous

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  1. Drei Novellen

    Er hat einen Flug nach Italien f�r den Weihnachtsurlauben gebucht. Als er �berlasst hat, Maria setzte zu tippen fort. Zuf�llig werfen sie die Tasse mit Kaffee auf die Briefe die sie getippt hatte. Ihre Boss war wirklich b�se, und Maria musste fortsetzen, w�hrend der Mittagspause zu arbeiten. Schlie�lich beendete sie die ganze Arbeit um 5 Uhr. Nach Arbeit ging Maria nach Hause. Sie sa� bequem auf der Couch, trank ein Tasse Kaffee und sah ihr liebling TV-show. Ein toller Tag f�r zwei Fischer Es war ein sch�ner Tag im Winter.

    • Word count: 512
  2. Tagesroutine und Hobbys

    Dann um halb f�nf mache ich meine Hausafgaben. Um sieben Uhr esse ich mit meinen Eltern. Ich sp�le ab und dann sehe ich fern, oder spiele auf dem Computer. Meistens, gehe ich um zehn Uhr ins Bett, aber manchmal schlafe ich ein bisschen sp�ter. Brief einem Brieffreund London, den 14.Februar, 2008. Liebe Adriana, Hallo! Wie geht's? Mir geht's gut. Ich bin deine neue Brieffreundin, und ich hei�e Anna. Ich bin ein 14 j�hriges M�dchen und ich komme aus Malta. Ich wohne in Liverpool, das ist ein kleines, sauberes und ruhiges Dorf und liegt im Norden. Ich bin gro� und ich habe braune Augen und braune l�ckige Haare.

    • Word count: 599
  3. Is China a World Power

    was quoted by the Dalai Lama in 1991. Groups who fought for political freedom to be heard were jailed without trial and have been forgotten imprisoned. Religious freedom is another problem in China, as religions don't get any freedom. All religions have to be within the communist party (they have to register within the government) and must be loyal to the Mainland. This have caused many affairs with some religion for example Catholicism who is led by the Pope in Rome, China doesn't allow that and they created the Chinese Patriotic Catholic- Association to replace Roman Catholic.

    • Word count: 1695
  4. A film review of the movie 'The number 23' by Adam McDermott

    Walter starts to examine his own circumstances and quickly becomes convinced that this is a real phenomenon. For example, he met his wife when he was 23. The date they met was September 13th (13+9) and they married on October 13th (10+13). Their house number is 1814 - aha I hear you say - these numbers only add up to 14! Yes, but Walter figures that 1+8=9 and 9+14=23. Here lies the key. If we want to, we can probably find 23 everywhere just like Walter- or 24 or 25 as well, probably for that matter. What a normal person believes to be pure coincidence, an obsessed person considers 'cause and effect.'

    • Word count: 962
  5. Casino Royale - Micro Analysis

    A significant prop is the gun; it is used to assert authority and create fear and suspense amongst the audience. During the flashback, in contrast with the previously seen gun, Bond instead uses the toilet's facilities for the killing of the victim, thus making the scene particularly brutal, as he is using strong material to kill his victim. The scene is particularly violent, and Bond kills him by smashing the victim's head on a mirror and a sink, then using another sink to drown him, this, in turn, creates more suspense for the audience and makes it particularly graphic.

    • Word count: 1554
  6. Film Review - Mean Girls

    Cady ends up making friends with the most popular girls in school and so ends up deceiving her unpopular friends for the sake of being popular. In the end she finds out who her real friends. In my opinion I thought that this movie rocked and it is definitely worth watching. The soundtrack features songs from Missy Elliot, Pink and Blondie. The director of this movie also directed the movie Freaky Friday which was another outstanding movie. Mean Girls is a movie which reflects on high school life.

    • Word count: 680
  7. science in the workplace

    Ms Chilvers The word hazard in a situation where there is a high threat to life, health, property and environment. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hazard The general hazards we normally find in the laboratory are fires, explosions, Chemical and Thermal Burns, Cuts, Absorption of Chemicals, Inhalation of Chemicals and Ingestion of Chemicals. To prevent fires in the laboratory, there should never be open flames and they should never heat any organic solvent in an open vessel, such as a test tube, Erlenmeyer flask, or beaker, with a flame.

    • Word count: 3053
  8. the selection process to get into the police

    (www.fife.police.uk (Accessed 03.03.08)) The initial training programme consists of 14 modules spread over two years: 1st Year * Induction * Community placement * Introduction to policing * Patrol * Theft * Burglary * Public safety * Policing of Roads * Neighbourhood Policing They work towards receiving from their training * "the knowledge and understanding of policing in diverse communities * competence to plan, conduct and document investigations * the knowledge and skills to critically analyse, evaluate and reflect on practice * the ability to utilise effective self-management, teaching and teamwork including demonstrating the potential for leadership" (www.thamesvalley.police.uk (Accessed 03.03.08))

    • Word count: 1745
  9. ways of knowledge

    So how can we gain truth by reason, when there are so many different opinions and emotions involved? Reason can help us gain knowledge, but only to a certain extent and therefore it has its strengths and weaknesses, which I am going to discuss in my essay. In science logic and reason are said to be the core element to get a valid conclusion, but there are some contradictions and exceptions to this general judgment. For example in biology, we use reason and logic to make a hypothesis, and then through several experiments or observations, we can obtain a valid and logical conclusion, which will support our hypothesis.

    • Word count: 1354
  10. Abortion - Case study

    This is not bronze-age thinking. This is not Tory thinking. This is common sense. It is also about being humane. A child can feel pain at 24 weeks. There comes a point where a foetus stops being a foetus and starts being a baby.... and this is around the 20 week period. LOWER THE LIMIT" Lee Skevington commented on Paul Smiths blog with the title "why do you think we should lower the limit?" this comment was left 21st of May 2008; this is a recent comment showing his views on the law of abortion.

    • Word count: 2458
  11. Free essay

    Humanities Prejudice And Persecution Coursework

    The term persecution is to treat an individual or group badly. Hitler persecuted the Jews as soon as he came to power in 1993. Adolf Hitler persecuted Jews in many different ways. The way that Hitler persecuted the Jews were: > When Hitler seized power in 1933 he used his powers under the 'enabling law' to begin his attack on the Jews. > In 1938 the attacks on the Jews became more violent with Himmler the head of the SS and the Gestapo launching Kristallnacht on 11th November 1938.

    • Word count: 1270
  12. ENGLISH - How Does the Director Build Suspense and Scare the Audience in the Film Jaws?

    The movie begins with the quiet diegetic gargling sound of the sea along with the powerful and effective theme tune. The music builds and gets louder and faster, which relates to the shark's heartbeat and the shark getting excited. In the opening scene, the sound of the mouth organ being played at the beach party is transitioned to the silence of the sea via a jump cut. This scares the audience because it shows a clear contrast of the warm and friendly beach compared to the sinister and quiet waves of the sea.

    • Word count: 1148
  13. Barriers To Communication

    The way to make sure the message is understood, the communicator should not use any gestures, and if the communicator does use a gesture, they should explain what it means, in case of any confusion. In certain cultures, if a person is slouching it means they're sad; however in another culture this means the person is bored. This is body language. Whilst someone is communicating and the person is slouching, it could give the wrong message to the other person, the message could be misunderstood by the receiver could think it message is sad, when it means it is boring.

    • Word count: 1181
  14. Investigation into the Internal and External Communication methods of a school (BCS GCSE - attained full marks)

    Examples of primary sources are: interviews, questionnaires, observations (e.g. From a museum), diaries, case studies or autobiographies (Although these could hold a biased view from the person who wrote it). Secondary research is research that isn't from its original source, like from a textbook or a website that documented on the topic it's telling us about. Examples of secondary research are: websites, textbooks, encyclopedias, videos, magazines or newspapers, and CD ROM software. Primary research can be good because you can get an eye-witness view of something if it is part of a real place or thing, rather from a picture from a textbook or website.

    • Word count: 4298
  15. Youth Marketing

    Advertisers are relying on "Pester power" or the "nag factor" which refers to children's ability to nag their parents into purchasing items they may not otherwise buy. They know that it's a powerful tool, therefore advertisers target the youth rather than appealing to the parents. Parents today are willing to buy more for their kids for various reasons. Guilt can often play a role in how much a parent buys for a child.

    • Word count: 597
  16. Monopolistic Competition in Dubai

    One of the examples would be the following article that appeared in www.arbianbusiness.com on March 18th, 2008. (The article has been edited due to its size) Etisalat and du unveil customer offers by Derek Francis on Tuesday, 18 March 2008 The UAE's two mobile operators have traded punches, by announcing rival offers in the same week. Etisalat launched its new reward programme at the start of this week, while rival operator du re-introduced its popular initial subscription offer at the same time.

    • Word count: 1513
  17. Role of Engineers in Society

    One might argue that this lack of knowledge may be a result of too few engineering role models. In a cross section of children aged 14 to 18 that wanted to pursue a career in engineering in the London area none of the group were able to name a famous engineer. Increasingly shocking is the unfortunate reality that the government do not recognise or consult the professional engineering institutions before making decisions. This furthermore reduces the status of engineers. Comparing this situation with many of the other professional disciplines such as Medical or Legal, their institutions are approached and consulted before government legislation is put in place.

    • Word count: 707
  18. Report on Mirage 2000

    The developments of ICBMs lead to the Mirage 2000 to be adapted to fulfill a strike and attack role as well2, from late Cold War to modern day. The 2000C was the first version of the Mirage to be sold by Dassult, and it entered service with the Arm�e de l'Air (French Air Force- ADA) on 2 July 1984. The next of its predecessors, the 2000N entered service in 1988 as ASMP (French for medium-range air to surface3) nuclear standoff; to deliver a last resort nuclear warning shot to the enemy.

    • Word count: 1657
  19. All Hallows Eve

    And as more and more stories are read, readers find this novel also describes deceased and lost spirits that come back every Halloween, and a fortune teller that tells five friends terrible fates waiting for them. There is also the story of a friendship that, though it seemed real, ended up with one friend killing the other and a story on family that resulted in finding out the terrible truth behind the costumes. And as previously mentioned, it's also about witches casting wicked spells; and zombies, vampires, and werewolves terrorizing all on the night of Hallows Eve.

    • Word count: 878
  20. Jealousy Book Report

    The novel includes stories of about fourteen different people writing their own personal stories on jealousy. Some stories take place in school, while others take place at home. Some people in this novel are jealous about family, friends, even strangers they just meet. Though the conflict and setting change with each story, the theme remains the same, and that theme is jealousy. Every single character has an issue on jealousy no matter what the cause may be, and only by reading these weird stories can you find out. The story in this novel that I like the most was called "A Genius for Sauntering," by Thatcher Helding and this was about a girl named Greta and a boy named Ben.

    • Word count: 595
  21. Conflict in Globingo

    Globingo may face future consequences for its kindness towards the refugees. Solutions to this problem may include: 1) Conciliation, AKA Bilateral Diplomatic Negotiations - whereby a neutral third party acts as a conciliator for the parties in dispute, and meets with them separately in an attempt to resolve their differences. In this case, the conciliator would help Globingo and Kalinga to discuss their dispute and hopefully come to an agreement. This method would not cause any bloodshed, and is probably one of the most peaceful ways possible. However, Kalinga's ruler may not be willing to do this, seeing as he is driven by his ambition and greed for Globingo's land and resources, and may not agree to talk when he has the ability to take over Globingo.

    • Word count: 917
  22. Sagan vs. Seeds

    The author of Cosmos, Carl Sagan, uses his own style of writing as well. He talks a lot about the possibility of life on other planets and asks many questions. "All my life I have wondered about the possibility of life elsewhere. What would it be like? Of what would it be made of? All living things on our planet are constructed of organic molecules complex microscopic architectures in which the carbon atom plays a central role. There was once a time before life, when the earth was barren and utterly desolate. Our world is now overflowing with life.

    • Word count: 1136
  23. past job and future job

    A midi, j'ai mange une salade avec ma copine dans un caf� de la ville. Parfois j'ai rencontr� ma m�re pour le d�jeuner qui a �t� tr�s bon. Pour travailler � Oasis, j'ai port� peu importe ce que je voulu aussi longtemps qu'il est raisonnable et de ne pas designer. Pendant la deux semaines, j'ai travaill� dans la salle de stock, j'ai v�rifi� le stock, j'ai servi les clients et j'ai rang� les �tag�res dans le magasin. Le travail �tait fatigant mais inter�ssant. Les collegues �taient tr�s sympas et le patron Anna �tait tr�s gentil.

    • Word count: 726
  24. Plagiarism is a Problem

    In most of those cases the students try to plagiarize in attempt to save their grade. Other students are lazy and feel that they're too good for the work and decide to plagiarize so they have more time to do what they wish. Most plagiarism can be identified on online search engines like Google. Typing in one sentence could make their entire paper pop up and prove how and where they plagiarized from. Some sites post perfectly written papers fro people to copy from. Other sites have been more recently brought up that have you pay a fee to have a paper written especially for you, or so they say, to make it undetectable as plagiarism.

    • Word count: 948

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