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Chew on This

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Chew On This - Informational Writing "Your Way" Eric Schlosser and Charles Wilson's book Chew on This reveals the secrets of fast food, describing how it is made, what it is made of, and what it does to the body. Chew on This unveils the immoralities of the companies that produce and sell fast food, such as the lengths that they go to in order to make money. But the last chapter, "Your Way", implies that fast food companies will not change their ways, provides alternatives to fast food, and encourages the public to take action if they want change. "Your Way" starts off with the topic of fast food in foreign countries, and how America's fast food companies are dependent on them for the "majority of [their] profit" (236, 1). ...read more.


Thus, this means that even with new rules in place, which aim to enforce good, fast food companies will not change. They will always have advertising schemes, for the single goal of making profit. They also will not become like the healthier restaurants later mentioned in the chapter. "Your Way" presents others options to fast food. It tells of other places that dedicate themselves to organic and healthy foods, such as the Edible Schoolyard (250, 1). This chapter tells of restaurants with good service, value, and quality-restaurants that succeeded by doing it the honest and right way, In-N-Out and Burgerville. "[They] aren't perfect. But they show that fast-food companies can do well by doing good" (257, 2). ...read more.


After all, even though these chains have power, "they must obey the demands of a group that's even more powerful, a group whom they desperately want to attract and please: consumers" (254, 2). So in the end, "Your Way" explained that the solution started with the customers. In conclusion, "Your Way" summed up the flaws in the fast food industry, and the things that they should, but do not, do to improve it. It offered different choices other than fast food. But more importantly, it reminded the public to think twice before purchasing another fast food meal, because if they were unhappy with the fast food company, "Your Way" urged them not to give the companies money. This message is the purpose of this chapter, and in some ways, the whole book. Schlosser, Eric, and Charles Wilson. Chew on This: Everything You Don't Want to Know About Fast Food. New York: Houghton Mifflin Company, 2006. ...read more.

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