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GCSE: French

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How to get a high grade in GCSE French

  1. 1 Give your opinion whenever you can fit it into your writing or speaking –

    J'aime -- je n'aime pas,
    j'adore -- je déteste,

    pour moi -- à mon avis,
    je pense que -- je crois que -- je trouve que.
  2. 2 Use connectives to extend your sentences –






    car/parce que.
  3. 3 Use past, present and future tenses and indicate them with time phrases/adverbs. It is a good idea to start talking about what you normally do, then something you did last week and finally what you plan to do in the future.

    Hier je suis allé(e)...

    Généralement je mange...

    La semaine prochaine je vais regarder...

More tips to reach the highest grades in GCSE French

  1. 1 Check the agreements of verbs and adjectives –

    Elle est amusante,

    J'adore la musique parce que c'est intéressant,e

    Nous sommes allés à la piscine.
  2. 2 Use complex phrases to impress the examiner –

    après avoir + past participle = after having...

    venir de + infinitive = to have just...

    Il faut / On devrait ... + infinitive = You should...

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French is a truly global language and is spoken widely in Europe, in 21 African countries, and in parts of the Caribbean and Canada. In your GCSE you will be learning in a variety of styles and developing skills in listening, reading, speaking and writing French. Generally the course will allow you to learn using the kind of French that you might need in everyday situations and you may be lucky enough to be able to test it out if your school organises trips to France for its GCSE French students.

The examinations will be a mixture of an oral test (speaking), reading and listening exams and of course a written examination or assessment. Marked by Teachers can help you master the techniques required by GCSE French examiners. They have over 950 examples of essays and answers which can give you an insight and truly boost your confidence in knowing what's expected of you.

Having a good pass at GCSE level in a language is of great interest to any potential employer and you'll certainly need that good pass if you have intentions of pursuing the subject further to A level.


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