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GCSE: Italian

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How to achieve a high grade in GCSE Italian

  1. 1 Learn how to give your opinion and include it whenever you can in your writing and speaking –

    Mi piace/piacciono -- Non mi piace/piacciono,

    Adoro -- odio,

    Secondo me -- Penso che + subjunctive -- Credo che + subjunctive.
  2. 2 Use connectives to extend your sentences –









  3. 3 Use past, present and future tenses and indicate them with time phrases/adverbs. If you are writing, for example, about healthy lifestyle it is a good idea to start with a paragraph talking about what you normally do, then something you did last week and finally what you plan to do in the future.

    L'anno scorso sono andato/a in Italia.

    Generalmente non bevo alcolici.

    La settimana prossima mangerò molto cioccolatini.

More things to do to ensure you get a top grade in GCSE Italian

  1. 1 Check agreements of verbs and adjectives –

    Mia sorella è venuta per visitarme.

    Adoro le mele, sono deliziose.
  2. 2 Use complex phrases to impress the examiner –

    Ci vuole molto tempo (it requires a lot of time)

    Più (adjectve) di/che...

    Meno (adjective) di/che...
  3. 3 Learn how to conjugate important irregular verbs off by heart –





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    Italian speaking-schools

    5 star(s)

    Penso che l'uniforme � utile perch� di solito � meno costosa e certamente meno stressante. Un uniforme previene alcuni problemi sociali, come gli studenti bullismo gli studenti che non sono molto ricchi. Ai figli adolescenti � opportuno dare un certo grado di libert�, ma non troppo. In genere, � studiare una dozzina di materie fino all'anno dodici. La mia materia preferita � probabilmente la biologia perch� trovo abbastanza facile e il professore � divertente. Mi piace anche la matematica, perch� c'� sempre una risposta definitiva e il professore � molto simpatica. La lezione che odio di pi� � la Storia.

    • Word count: 630

Italian is one of the Modern Foreign Languages available at GCSE and whilst not as popular as French it will equip you with the ability to communicate and express yourself in one of the world's great tongues. It's important to remember that Italian has evolved from Latin and Latin is one of the formative roots ofEnglish so a great many of the words have a familiarity which you'll notice quite often. Like studying other languages at GCSE level, you'll be covering listening, reading, speaking and writing and using a wide variety of media when you do so. The subject areas which put the language in context are wide and varied including topics such as media and culture, sport and leisure and travel and tourism. Like with any language it's a useful thing to have on your CV and a very strong GCSE to have to apply for further study.

Assessment is done by a range of tests in speaking and listening and by written examination. Marked by Teachers has a good selection of Italian GCSE answers and assignments which will build your awareness of what's expected at this level.


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