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GCSE: Music

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  1. Appraisal of Greased Lightin from Grease

    I could get a beat and have a little dance to whilst listening to it. The basic elements are 12 bar blues using the chords of C, F+G, it has 4 beats in a bar and uses a walking beat. The tempo of the piece is quite upbeat and fast, but at the end it slows down a lot. The pitch varies quite a bit as the singer sings quite low but the guitarist in places plays very high.

    • Word count: 411
  2. The famous person i most admire - Legendary jazz vocalist Billie Holiday

    Despite a lack of technical training, Holiday's unique diction, inimitable phrasing and acute dramatic intensity made her the outstanding jazz singer of her day. White gardenias, worn in her hair, became her trademark. During the late '30s Holiday performed with Count Basie, Artie Shaw and other jazz greats and between 1939 and 1945 Holiday scored several hits, including "Fine and Mellow," "God Bless the Child," "Lover Man" and the infamous "Strange Fruit." The darkly, atmospheric lyrics of Strange Fruit, are so vivid that they are almost frightening, as they describe a scene picturing a lynched black man and address the injustice of racial hatred and violence.

    • Word count: 1185
  3. How does Alice Walker discuss various cultural issues that faced America during the era of the story?

    Ironically though segregation was in place many whites g found the jazz clubs seductive. This was the beginning of the white apparition of black music we see in the story. The deacon and indeed Traynor effectively con Gracie out of her song Hound Dog. Trainer copies her black American style of singing; this in time becomes Rock 'n' Roll. Whilst the song is not successful for Gracie yet as a Rock 'n' Roll song with a white male singer it is successful. This Rock 'n' Roll white mans music is ironically dwelled from black music, more specifically from the misery of slavery.

    • Word count: 1330
  4. The Crisis in Modern Classical Music

    Famous composers from this time include Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Richard Wagner, Johannes Brahms, and many others. In order to understand the literature of the crises at hand, one must be familiar with the classical music system when much of the repertoire was composed. Composers wrote music for a living, meaning that whatever income they earned was based on their output of music. This explains why the list of compositions for many artists is extremely high. Amongst the symphonies, the opera's, the songs, the masses, and the chamber music, the output for the common successful composer numbered well into the hundreds.

    • Word count: 1656
  5. Comparison for the Ages

    Both era's and generations yielded some of the finest musicians known in mankind. Among some of the famous musicians of these time periods are Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, John Lennon,and Johann Sebastian Bach. Another two men of these two vast and different era's, while completely different in music style, have a great amount of similarities between them. Ludwig Von Beethoven and James(a.k.a Jimi) Hendrix both unleashes a massive arsenal of aggression as well as loveliness in both their works. The two men are a mere image of music personalities, one in the time of the pianoforte and the other in the guitar age.

    • Word count: 1592
  6. The Bedouin Culture

    A Bedouin man wears a easily recognizable headpiece which consists of a kuflyya' cloth and an 'agal-rope. This 'agal-rope is very signifigant to Bedouins. Wearing this rope symbolizes the owners ability to uphold the responsibility of being a man. Women wear headgear that represents their obligations as well. All women must cover their heads at all times with a black cloth called an 'asaba. These basic coverings, both of male and female, directly reflect the environment through which they are traveling.

    • Word count: 456
  7. Autobiography - creative writing.

    But I am a bit. Now lets get to the point, I'm 5'8", blue eyes and brown hair. Hobbies, what can I put for this??? I know! I like to play on my computer, download music, listen to music, play Playstation and collect little plastic figures that you have to paint. Usually on Friday nights, me and my mates go out down the town. I live with my Nan because god knows where Dad is, and my mum lives in Bournmouth, as you'll find out later in "A Chapter In My Life." I have two generous aunts, three cousins who I love and an uncle who cares.

    • Word count: 1126
  8. The Significance of Louis Armstrong’s Contribution To Jazz.

    Armstrong was faced with a new challenging task when he joined Oliver's band. In the New Orleans ensemble style it was difficult enough for the standard 3 instrument front line to create convincing polyphony; the addition of a fourth melodic strand, which Armstrong was asked to provide, caused further problems because his instrument was identical to Oliver's. This experience undoubtedly sharpened Armstrong's aural perception. Armstrong's playing was characterized by a wide variety of original melodic and timbral devices and make his style instantly recognizable. Louis's idiosyncratic mannerisms, adumbrated in his recordings with Oliver and developed in the later 1920's, include descending arpeggio patterns in triplets, so called 'rips' in which a high note is approached by an aggressive glissando, and a rich terminal vibrato colouring sustained notes after the initial attack.

    • Word count: 572
  9. Identify ONE teaching and learning issue, with a curriculum focus, which has been of significance to you in you induction year. Discuss this issue drawing upon the relevant academic and professional literature and your induction experiences to support you

    However, the term 'success' needs defining - many pupils who are excellent musicians even before they reach year 9 may not obtain the highest marks at GCSE, and this begs the question, what exactly does GCSE music test, the musicality of a pupil (which will be discussed with reference to Howard Gardner's theories of multiple intelligence) or a pupil's ability to 'jump through the hoops' required to do well in this type of exam? Schools continually have their statistics compared, and the practice of comparing 'value added' through the means of a baseline test, is undoubtedly fairer than simply comparing final results.

    • Word count: 2136
  10. Evolution of opera

    Monteverdi's last two operas and his student Cavalli's operas were written for Venice. The first commercial opera house was opened in Venice in 1637 (Teatro S. Cassiano) which would be run by Cavalli after 1639. Before that opera was only for the enjoyment of the musical elite. In these last two operas of Monteverdi, there was another innovation which would become in common in later operas: closing the opera with a love duet. Meanwhile, opera was spreading from Italy to other parts of Europe. By 1700, Vienna, Paris, Hamburg and London were also operatic centers.

    • Word count: 2851
  11. Gradually the Short, Sharp Ringing of My Alarm Clock Enters My Ears.

    During the school day, although I am attentive and take part in lessons, I find it hard to concentrate. However, I find the work a lot easier when I am at home. Maths is a great example of this, during the lessons I find the answers to problems unobtainable, yet when I am at home I complete the work swiftly and easily. I enjoy the problem solving element of maths. Once at home I usually relax for a while before beginning my homework and revision. After that, at about eight o'clock I attend the local gym and work out the stress built up during the day. I am greatly interested in sports and feel I am an active person.

    • Word count: 1366
  12. American Society In the 1920’s

    Charlie Chaplin (1889-1977) was one of the most famous actors to successfully make the switch to 'talkies'. He was born in London and appeared in many productions as a child but it wasn't until 1913 that he appeared on screen with the director Mack Sennett. In 1914 he introduced the first of many appearances of the world famous 'little tramp' character, he played this role in over seventy films including 'The Tramp' in 1915. His character was loved by audiences throughout the world for his slapstick comedy with the baggy trousers, he bowler hat and the enormous shoes shown below in the picture Chaplin also began directing and producing films he starred in such as The Kid (1921)

    • Word count: 1974
  13. Comparison of Two Pre Twentieth Century Poems: Four Years and Funeral Blues

    H. Auden's poem, as they are very sharp and wants action taken. Auden gets across this sharp anger with action words such as "stop", "cut off", "prevent" and "silence". These are all very strong verbs and are very different to the calming feel that Gillilan brings out in her poem. She creates this calm atmosphere by making the importance of little things to this woman huge. You can see how small things matter a lot to this woman such as "an eyelash" or "a hard crescent cut from a fingernail". All these objects are things that she wants to cling on to.

    • Word count: 1038
  14. Test for Bob - please pass

    At A2 the concepts will be trickier, the analysis deeper and the exams more demanding (and probably longer). You?ll be expected to link different parts of the specification together so you can show your understanding of the ?big picture? of the subject. Your teachers will expect you to work independently and assume that you?re super-motivated and willing to exchange ideas in class. But you can do all of that ? it?s just the next step.

    • Word count: 444
  15. Music Assignment - Who are you? The song that I feel best relates to this quotation and my state of mind is Who I Am by Nick Jonas and the Administration.

    In conclusion, it is not necessary nor will I let people shape my thoughts of what I do and don't say. The song that I feel best relates to this quotation and my state of mind is ?Who I Am? by Nick Jonas and the Administration. ?Who I Am? is a song about trying to find love and wanting to find that person who understands who you are. Additionally, it discusses that fact that you must realize you need to know yourself before you can find love.

    • Word count: 879
  16. Rock And Roll - analysis of the different styles of Rock.

    It rooted from garage rock and traditional Punk Music. Punk Rock was very similar to Punk Music but tended to have a heavier beat. These bands created fast, hard-edged music; typically the songs were around two minutes long, for example the band Ramones?s debut album, had fourteen tracks, half of which were under two minutes. Lyrics are a very important aspect to Punk Rock bands, as these lyrics were often political and anti-establishment. A typical Punk Rock instrumentation includes one or two electric guitars, an electric bass, a drum kit and vocals. Most early Punk Rock songs retained a traditional Rock 'n' Roll verse-chorus form and 4/4 time signature.

    • Word count: 3162
  17. How music has a huge effect on teen's lives

    I would dress very obscene, try and act like I had no regard over people?s feelings, and purposely disobey people older than myself. I even used to purposely fail classes because I thought that was the ?cool? thing to do. But I eventually realized if I were to continue down that path it would lead me nowhere in life.

    • Word count: 505
  18. Evaluation Of Performance - In the performance I played in 12 songs; 4 in Interglactic Grapefruit as a guitarist and bassist.

    by Jet. The choice of song was good but some of the songs had no change in chords or time and I found myself relatively bored. In ?take me out? I played rhythm guitar; we started strongly and then played the song without mistake through to the end.

    • Word count: 429
  19. Jewel Thief is a good example of a Bollywood formula film containing a variety of musical elements.

    Soon after, he is accused of lying about his true identity and that he is really the notorious jewel thief, Prince Amar. A man named Arjun Singh and his supposed sister, who goes by the name of ‘Shalu’ accuse Vinay of hiding the fact that he is Amar, who also happens to be Amar’s fiancée. Vinay proves that he is not Amar by showing a mark of recognition on his body, but even after his supposed look-alike, Amar, is still causing trouble for Vinay.

    • Word count: 1221
  20. The history of Caribbean music goes back to the history of the Native Americans, the first inhabitants of the island.

    Most music from the Caribbean is influenced by other cultures and countries for many years especially Africa and European. So people don?t realize their origins. The islands around the Caribbean Sea are the loudest islands in the world who had declared its music independence. The islands of the Caribbean have a collection of nations and cultures around the Caribbean Sea with their own distinctive music. The genre of Caribbean Music encompasses a diverse variety of musical styles and traditions.

    • Word count: 420
  21. Comparing and Contrasting the life and works of Bach and Mozart

    Mozart?s music is considered the archetype of the Classical style, with clarity, balance, and transparency, hallmarks of his work. Progressively, Mozart brought back in the contrapuntal complexities of the late Baroque period, but moderated and disciplined by new forms. In this essay, I will be comparing and contrasting the lives of the two most famous composers of their time; Bach and Mozart, on how different their lives were, they?re history, and the eras they lived in, and the contrast in the pieces that they wrote; ?Symphony No. 40 in G minor? by Mozart, and ?Brandenburg Concerto No. 2 in F major? by Bach.

    • Word count: 3577
  22. Commentary on Handel- And the Glory of the Lord from Messiah

    Minor keys are avoided, as the words dictate the prevailing joyful mood or ?affection? of the music. Although perfect cadences are used frequently to signify change in key, the piece ends with a plagal cadence in Bar 137 and can be seen as a grand ?Amen?. Handel often used plagal cadences as endings to his pieces. Functional and diatonic (notes belonging to the key) harmony is used during the piece. Dominant, tonic and inverted pedal notes are also used. Suspensions (tied notes which do not belong to the chord) are witnessed also in the piece, with the first being in Bars 9 and 10.

    • Word count: 541

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