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GCSE: Music

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  1. Mozart. After digging though lots of information, it is easy to see that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a prodigy child

    But it was grueling work, too, and the risks were great. This was made painfully clear in the late October when Wolfgang became ill with something diagnosed as " scarlet fever rash". Within tow weeks Wolfgang was well again, but this episode was a potent of more serious health problems to come. J.G. Wolfgang Mozart, the toast of Viennese society, was still two mouths shy of his seventh birthday."-Mozart project Mozart continued to tour and write music. "When the family went to Vienna in 1768, Italy Roman Emperor Joseph II commissioned the boy to write the opera La finta semplus (The Feigned Simpleton).

    • Word count: 652
  2. Critically examine the role of improvisation in Jazz, in particular the improvisational technique of scat singing, and what figures have promoted this technique?

    Any attempt to arrive at a precise, all-encompassing definition of jazz is most likely going to be futile. The main reason for this is that Jazz has been, from its very beginnings at the start of the 20th century, a constantly changing, evolving and expanding music, passing through several distinctive phases of development. A definition that might apply to one of the phases, for example, to swing or bebop, becomes inappropriate when applied to another segment of its history, say, to free jazz. Early attempts to define jazz as a music whose chief characteristic was improvisation, for example, turned out to be restrictive and quite untrue, since composition, arrangement, and ensemble have also been essential components of jazz for most of its history.

    • Word count: 2407
  3. Public Speaking - Part 2

    favourable, unfavourable or neutral). c. Psychographic Audience Analysis: values, beliefs, attitudes, behaviours. 4. Issues of concern while speaking to an audience in a pluralistic society: Suggested answers: ~ be sensitive to audience's feedback, disposition, responses ~ avoid discriminating against differences in demographic, psychographic or the situational variables ~ try to identify common ground with the audience, do not attempt to change differences that cannot be changed ~ be careful of remarks that might be viewed as stereotypical, prejudiced, discriminatory or r****t Public Speaking and Communication 1.

    • Word count: 1349
  4. Media Music Essay Music is split into several sub-genres these include; Reggae, blues & soul, classical,

    Nat 'King' Cole is one of the most popular American singers of the 1940s and 50s, with a wonderful, smooth vocal style. A pioneering black entertainer in jazz and pop. His career was often blighted by r****m and by the demands of commercial music making. Soul music is a combination of rhythm and blues and gospel which began in the late 1950s in the United States. Rhythm and blues is itself a combination of blues and jazz, and arose in the 1940s as small groups, often playing saxophones, built upon the blues tradition.

    • Word count: 1602
  5. How far did all Americans share in the prosperity of the 1920's?usa

    Many other people disliked the 'jazz age' because the artists of the music were mostly coloured or black. During the `Jazz Age' flappers came about. They were young ladies who would shock older people by doing things that they opposed. Flappers liked to wear short skirts, backless gowns and silk stockings rolled just above there knees.

    • Word count: 514

    The Gross National Product of the nation rose from $74 billion at the beginning of the decade to more than $104 billion in 1929. Wages were up. Workers had more money to spend, and they spent it on automobiles, home appliances, radios, phonographs, and popular entertainment, especially movies. Millions of ordinary Americans invested in the stock market for the first time as stock prices soared upwards. (WGBH Educational Foundation, 2000, Economic Prosperity) Because of the First World War, other countries owed the United States a lot of money, and therefore with the surplus of raw materials and plenty of factories the country was rather well-off in the 20s.

    • Word count: 3185
  7. Matthew A Conley

    Once his began to show talent, other prominent musicians of the day were brought in to teach young Beethoven and develop his talent. He traveled to Vienna where, at age ten, he published his first piece, "Nine Variations of Piano in C minor." This publication was just the start to his life of music. For many years he continued to develop his craft studying under many well known musicians.

    • Word count: 576
  8. The Roaring Twenties in Canada

    Radio broadcasting became one of North America's favourite sources of entertainment. During this time most Canadians depended on the radio as their source of communication since the television wasn't invented. People tuned in every day to listen to music, as jazz, sports and live events. A favorite for listening to jazz was "the king of jazz", Louie Armstrong. The invention of the radio had a major impact on Canadians because it transmitted a variety of shows and programs that entertained many, throughout the nation.

    • Word count: 1000
  9. "Proud to be Chinese"The Huanghe Valley has developed one of the four earliest civilizations for 5000 years. China has gradually

    China is now planning to conduct a space walk in 2007. The final stage is to set up a permanent space laboratory and build a space engineering system. Isn't it marvelous? China has finally showed her prestigious status by space mission. China is now getting ahead of the United States. Recently, Hong Kong has held some space exhibitions in Space Museum. The two astronauts were also invited to explore Hong Kong for a few days. Many people flocked to the Coliseum to welcome the two astronauts. There is no doubt that this proves the triumph of China's science and technology, and more importantly, Hongkongers have a stronger sense of national identity.

    • Word count: 799
  10. Dear Sir, I have been looking closely at the proposed plans for the year eleven prom. There are a few points that I would like to put forward and some strongly felt issues of many other pupils in year eleven

    The choice of venue is probably the most important decision to be made. I believe the current proposal may not include the best place to hold it. My main reason being, that it is not easy to get to for all pupils, as it is not a very central part of Cardiff. I would therefore propose that the prom be held at a more easily accessible venue, for example the Angel Hotel in Cardiff City Centre. Secondly, I believe that the music is one of the most important factors of how smoothly the prom will go.

    • Word count: 761
  11. The History of Jazz

    Jazz music was very different to the traditional Western Music, and was a "break " For Jazz players to play in a Jazz band in the earlier years, they were simply given a few notes of chords to play in, which they would create their own melodies from.

    • Word count: 351

    Michael Tippett's opera, The Midsummer Marriage, contains influences from other established form's (drawing examples for Wagner and Verdi) as well as containing Tippett's own futuristic ideas. Tippett writes about the heightened style of opera and also later argues that although this is a marvellous event, the categories of music and drama must be coherent and specific to the desired product. ...there is a long tradition associating opera with the marvellous... it is clear that the composer, or his librettist, must be able to condense... 1 This heightened style and its subsequent audience is discussed by Joseph Kerman in Opera as Drama, who compares the style of opera to its worth and subjectivity.

    • Word count: 637
  13. Jazz final: Duke Ellington

    As a butler, J.E., Duke's father had a certain aura or presence about him that naturally made him more reserved and refined than your average working class black man. "Duke was influenced by his strong identification with his father. J.E. was an elegant man, an excellent ballroom dancer, and a connoisseur of wines." 2 There was a striking difference between the life that many of the young black people of the time led, and that of Ellington. Not only was Ellington raised in a refined and proper manner, he was also exposed to luxuries unimaginable to most lower class black families of the time.

    • Word count: 2645
  14. "Beethoven and Mahler"

    Beethoven was born in Bonn. His father's harsh discipline and alcoholism made his childhood and adolescence difficult. At age 18, after his mother's death, Beethoven placed himself at the head of the family, taking responsibility for his two younger brothers, both of whom followed him when he later moved to Vienna, Austria In Bonn, Beethoven's most important composition teacher was German Composer Christian Gottlob Neefe, with whom he studied during the 1780's. Neefe used the music of German Composer Johann Sebastian Bach as a cornerstone of instruction, and later encouraged his student to study with Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, whom Beethoven met briefly in Vienna in 1787.

    • Word count: 2349
  15. Penalty Fare

    He misses her, and thinks if she comes back, then he won't feel so miserable anymore. The text says: "I would be there first and then Tammy would come home again and I would stop sprawling on the sofa...1" He is also a bit na�ve, because when he is going to meet Tammy, he thinks that if he is there first then she will come home again. But then again it is Christmas so maybe he is hoping for a miracle. He realise, when he shows up at Tottenham Court Road and she is not there that it is over between Tammy and him.

    • Word count: 735
  16. Describe Popular Culture In Britain At The Beginning Of The 1960s.

    A very popular American fashion icon was Jacqueline Kennedy. She wore shifts and A-line dresses, which had been designed several years ago, but had never been worn till 1960. They quickly became popular, and it gave women a new sense of freedom and allowed them to dress in their own way. Also, Mary Quant opened her first shop in Carnaby Street, which soon became very popular. She opened the way for a new generation of British fashion. The music charts in the early 1960s were frequently dominated by American singers, still quite heavily influenced by 50's Rock 'n' Roll themes.

    • Word count: 533
  17. Throughout his life, Billy Collins has written many poems and many very successful poetry books. His first book, Poker Face, was written in 1977

    After high school, Billy attended Holy Cross College where he received his bachelors degree, then went on to get his Ph.D. in Romantic poetry at the University of California at Riverside. Billy began his Career in poetry as a writer for "Rolling Stones" magazine, selling his poems for thirty-five dollars each (Billy Collins). In 1970, after his job in "Rolling Stones", he got a position teaching poetry at Lehman College, located in the Bronx, where he is still teaching. Along with his teaching career, he served as the forty-first poet Laureate of the U.S from 2001-2003, and has published a number of books of poetry.

    • Word count: 1649
  18. Roosevelt Sykes - biography

    During the 30s, Sykes recorded for Decca Records and acted as a talent scout for the label. Among his most popular compositions were "Night Time Is The Right Time" and "The Honeydripper', which was Sykes" nickname, because he was a known ladies-man. At that time he also played in local clubs in Memphis and later in such in Chicago. In the late 1930s teamed with St. Louis Jimmy to tour one-nighters across the U.S.. He settled in Chicago in the early 40s, becoming the piano accompanist on numerous city blues records by artists such as Lonnie Johnson.

    • Word count: 1224
  19. The history of Music

    My aim will be to identify, explain and evaluate, with reference to musical examples, the impact on instruments and recording of the musical applications of technology, commenting on the impact of electric guitar, Hammond organ, amplification, synthesisers, decks, samplers personal computers, software, mono, recordings, the 7'' single, stereo, multi tracking, 12'' single, remixing and digital recording. Part 1 - Origins Throughout time music has changed drastically, from one extreme to another. Every origin of music has lead onto another from Gospel music to Soul, and Blues to Jazz.

    • Word count: 5319
  20. How does the music in Mozart's 'Die Zauberflöte portray good and evil?

    accompanied recitative applicable to German words; solemn choral scenes; and even a revival of the Baroque chorale-prelude technique with contrapuntal accompaniment, evident in Act two in the duet of the two armed men. 'The opera is replete with metaphor and symbolism that contrast light and dark, from characters who represent one or the other (Sarastro and the Queen of the Night, for example), through actions and dialogue that dramatise the conflict between them to imagery that underlines the theme. Day and night, good and evil, love and hate, friendship and enmity, forgiveness and revenge: all stand opposed in the opera.

    • Word count: 4212
  21. Is 'black music' a valid category of popular music?

    Black music originated from masters expecting their slaves not only to work but also to sing, mainly on cotton and rice plantations in the southern states of America in the 1800's; resulting in 'work songs'. The first songs referred to the religion they had left behind, with drums accompanying. The lyrics were soon forcibly changed to describe their every day experiences and the drums were banned to rule out any conspiracy calls. The result was chants with only their voices, accompanying sticks, tambourines, clapping and dancing.

    • Word count: 1849
  22. Symphony number 45 in F# minor (the

    The usual date for the prince's return to his Austrian palace and the reunion of his instrumentalists and their wives had long past. The orchestra asked Haydn to speak to the prince, but instead Haydn wrote a symphony that ended quite unusually, with a slow movement designed to allow the musicians to leave in ones and twos until only two violinists were left. When they finished playing they too blew out their candles and left. The prince took the hint and ordered immediate preparations fro a return to Austria.

    • Word count: 722
  23. Niccolò Paganini - Violin Virtuoso and Technique Innovator

    In 1795, he gave his own benefit concert to raise funds to cover traveling expenses and tuition fees. In September 1801, Paganini moved to Lucca. Between 1801 and 1805, Paganini disappeared from public sight. It is believed that he lived during these years in complete retirement in the chateau of a Tuscan lady, a guitarist, devoting his time to mastering the playing of the guitar and to composing music for that instrument. In 1805 he was appointed first violin of the republican orchestra, where he played with his older brother Carlo, also a violinist.2 That same year, he composed the famous 24 Caprices.

    • Word count: 1695
  24. Beethoven & the Symphonic Genre

    Likewise, Mozart was very impressed by Beethoven's abilities, and declared that Beethoven would "give the world something to talk about". According to Charles Rosen, it seems that Beethoven was inspired by Mozart's most imaginative and radical compositions. Orchestral music in the 1760's was considered to be an intimate affair, as most concerts took places in private courts. In the last quarter of the century, composers realized the possibilities of composing for large ensembles as well as concerts outside the court, and their music reflects this.

    • Word count: 2149
  25. Why did groups like Beatles and the Rolling Stones have such a great impact during the 60's?

    John Lennon & Paul McCartney wrote all these lyrics so they were more pure and real. They were real with 'youthful energy, style, individuality and distinct personality'. The Beatles also had a unique appearance. In the early years they dressed smartly (in plain black suits with ties) and had the 'squeaky clean image' which made them respectable to the older generation too. They all had mop top hair cuts which were slightly longer hair cuts but were accepted as they were a clean cut style. Earlier lyrics like 'I want to hold your hand' had innocent lyrics and so older generation accepted them too.

    • Word count: 1417

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