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Autobiography - creative writing.

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Autobiography Introduction Strange, what did you say?? That's right strange! Strange as a hippo that eats marshmallows? Yes, that's me strange! I am the strangest person in the whole world. I am like a 20ft hamster with green fur, not in looks but in strangeness, ...is there such a word? No... oh well!! While most boys are out playing football what am I doing?? When my friends go out where do I go?? I sit at home on my computer downloading stuff. A little music here, an upgrade for my pc there. I can sit at that computer for hours and hours. My Nan is always nagging "get of that blasted Internet now, I need to use the phone." In a way I'm like the world, this is because I have two halves like the hemispheres in one im quite confident but im also a bit shy what was that? Im confidant but shy. Yes that's right, me shy! But I am a bit. Now lets get to the point, I'm 5'8", blue eyes and brown hair. ...read more.


His favorite hobbies are playing on his computer and playstation but his all time favorite is lying horizontal on the couch watching sky T.V. His Mum says: Colin is fourteen years old. He is a very easygoing laid back person. He is very bright and intelligent. He is a determined young man and likes to achieve good grades at school and is disappointed if he doesn't do as well as he intended. Colin enjoys WWE wrestling, karting, reading and compiling CD's on his computer. He enjoys his music and has recently taken up the electric guitar for his music GCSE. I would have to say that the best thing about Colin is that he is my son. A Chapter In My Life It was in March this year, when it happened. I woke up on a Thursday morning, got ready and went downstairs and watched T.V. for a while. I looked at the clock and realized that I was running late. Unfortunately for me, the bus was early so I missed it. As I ran round the corner I saw it accelerate away down the road. ...read more.


The recovery vehicle took us and our car home, where my other aunt picked us up ant took us to the doctors because I had a bad pain in my back and my Nan had a pain in her neck. The doctor diagnosed my pain as a back spasm and Nan with whiplash. Nan had to go to physiotherapy for a couple of months and I had to rest and stay off school for a few days. Because of this I missed my European maths challenge. We both had to go and see a specialist later on but my back is fine now. The insurance company sent us a cheque for the value of our car but we had a hire car for two weeks. We spent a lot of time looking through the Auto Trader and going to look at cars until we found one we really liked. Nan is getting compensation for her neck and I have just received a letter saying that I am going to get a compensation of �1750. This will be held in trust for me until I am eighteen. I hope to put this towards a car or towards university. ...read more.

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