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Beauty of music

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Music is one of the most amazing things that human beings create in their world. The ability to facilitate an emotional awakening in another human being without them even understanding the language a song is sung in, whether it is an aria sung in Italian or Latin or Spanish, a beautiful polyryhtmic swarm by Fela Kuti, soft sung velvety French or Japanese pop music, or classic rock from America or the United Kingdom, music has reached millions of people and is often connected to many memories. Music definitely, as much as a painting, is the universal language among humans. Also, unlike a paintings, the financial barrier or the fine art world does not separate the average working class person from his multimillionaire or multi-billionaire counterpart. ...read more.


From two to one hundred, a band or a group or a composer can unify people through different eras and epochs, regardless of the social climate. Music speaks to the inner workings of the human being, it speaks to us of the worlds we dream of or the worlds we believe ourselves to inhabit, it speaks to our selves in ways that a normal language cannot, and yet we hear what is being conveyed ever so clearly, and this lifts us from bad moods, and helps us relish or remember a special someone or something, and we experience a state of reminiscence that is often associated with a pleasant smell. People from all over the planet Earth know about Mozart, Elvis, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, and other bands. ...read more.


I liked listening to Rammstein though what they sing about is usually not understood by me at all. I love listening to Andrea Bocelli, though some of his albums I have not a clue as to the meaning, it is the feeling that I enjoy when listening to the music. At the end of the day it always comes down to the feeling conveyed by the sounds, and the listeners response to them. These feelings, anchored in the sounds and by the sentiments and genius of those who made them, transform and become something more than just the original sounds and meanings as conveyed by the artist, they take on a whole new life and meaning, each as different and unique in its perspective as each individual human being is unique and different in their perspective. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

This is an interesting subject to write an essay on although I feel the essay lacks substance and consists of a whole list of personal opinions that are not backed up by quotes.

Marked by teacher Nathan Smith 08/01/2013

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