GCSE English Language - Original Writing Michael Parkinson Interview

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GCSE English Language – Original Writing

Michael Parkinson Interview

Theme Music

Michael Parkinson enters, Applause. He speaks directly to camera

Parkinson: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. It’s lovely to be back for a new season. On tonight’s show, we have a wonderful line-up of guests: Bob Geldof, Mike Tyson, Alan Shearer and music at the end of the show from Katie Melua. But first we have a special appearance by someone who is just 16 years old but has made an impact with his views on life for young people in Britain today.

Please welcome Zishaan Ali Salam.

Zish enters. Applause. Theme music. They shake hands.

Parkinson: Good evening Mr. Salam, how are you?

Zish: Wagwan bred, yeah it’s all good in the hood. What’s wit tha Mr.Salam? Call me Zish or G, you know what I mean?

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Parkinson: Okay, I do apologise G. How was the journey, not too strenuous?

Zish: Nah Nah, it weren’t Parky, got tha train to London, then jumped on the underground.

Parkinson: Jolly good. So do u consider yourself as a fashionable lad? I mean these jeans with all the rips and tears in them do seem rather trendy.

Zish: Yeah bred I’m at the front of the fashions. You liking them? I’ll fix you up wit a pair.

Parkinson: Laughing. I think I may just be able to resist, I think I’m getting on ...

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