History of Bob Marley

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History of Bob Marley and the Wailers

Ashley Newman

Bob Marley’s life is a life just like any of ours, except for that he was and still is one of the most influential artists known.  His music is timeless, still managing to be popular two decades after the death of this reggae king.  On February 6, 1945, in Jamaica, a star was born.

Bob Marley’s mother was an African American 18 year old girl, and his father was a 50 year old white Englishman (bobmarley.com, pg.2.)  Growing up, Bob seldom saw his father, and grew up with his mother in Trenchtown, Jamaica; a small rural town.  Bob’s friends consisted of street children and one friend in particular, Neville Livingston, in which he started to create music with.

        In 1962, Bob was picked up by Leslie King, and was quickly put into the studio, and put out his first album, “Judge Not.”  The songs on the album received little attention, and had no radio play.  By the next year, Bob decided to pursue his dream with a band, and he called up his friends Peter McIntosh and Neville, his old child friend (bobmarley.com, pg.4) to help him out.  

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The name of their band, at the time, was “The Wailing Wailers.”  By 1963, they released an album; “Slimmer Down.”  The album was an automatic hit, putting the Wailing Wailers at the number one spot of the Jamaican charts for two months (bobmarley.com, pg.4.)  Many saw the reggae music as tough, political, yet calming music.  

Unfortunately, the band broke up, and Bob’s mother moved to the United States with her new husband.  Before Bob could move to the states with his mother, he met a young girl named Rita, and soon married her in 1966.  Soon enough, the couple ...

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