How far did all Americans share in the prosperity of the 1920's?usa

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How far did all Americans share in the prosperity of the 1920’s?

In the 1920s the USA went into a period of prosperity.  The economy did very well, money wise; in the 1920’s everyone seemed to be having fun and enjoying the prosperity. A few features that came because of the prosperity were the Jazz Age, Flappers and Speakeasies.

        The 1920’s were called the ‘Jazz Age’ because jazz music was the most popular music; the young people enjoyed this music because it was new and exciting. Along with the music came new dances. There were some people who disliked the jazz music, this was because they thought the music was sensuous and embarrassing, and then they thought that the dancing was absolutely indecent especially for the young ladies to be doing.  Many other people disliked the ‘jazz age’ because the artists of the music were mostly coloured or black.

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        During the `Jazz Age’ flappers came about. They were young ladies who would shock older people by doing things that they opposed. Flappers liked to wear short skirts, backless gowns and silk stockings rolled just above there knees. Smoking cigarettes in public, holding there partners hand without gloves, some had even had sex before they were married; they also would get there hair cut by men’s barbers all these things had shocked the older people and their parents because they were very unladylike.

        While most people were enjoying the prosperity there were a few who were not; some of ...

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