The magic of Rap

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A Magical Musical Masterpiece…

Rap, a music genre which has since its origin been criticized by individuals, for its vulgarity and very explicit lyrics. Parents shun away their children from it because of a lack of understanding and due to a negative connotation generated from contemporary artists and media. I stand firmly behind it for its expressive poetic lines and its hard-hearted emotions. Music was taken to different level where one actually started listening to the lyrics. Even the simple minded person could make something out of it. It is quite understandable that it has gained such a negative vibe; considering that about 90% of all contemporary rap is about sex, alcohol and drugs. The emotional aspect of it has faded away, and all that is left are a bunch of rappers ranting about their success and their fortune. Rap artists such as 2pac and Biggie, who were existing rappers during its peak in the 1990’s are in my opinion respectable representatives. Their songs were aimed towards the lower-class society - living in slums - and educating the American population of the difficulties of living in such an environment.

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        One of the strongest emotions used in rap is most firmly Anger. This outburst of anger often incorporates vulgar expressions and words which are reinforced to bring strength to the statements of the rapper. Back in the 90’s they were used in that method; however gradually the public eye has only been scrutinizing the the contemporary rap songs which contain quite a lot of vulgar words thus given its bad reputation. Below is a prime example of lyrics which are emotionally packed using symbolism, metaphors and basic interpretations of reading behind the lines. The motif carried throughout is death, ...

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