Btec Sports. Basketball 6 weeks fitness programme

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My Six Weeks Programme


Personal information

Name: na





Maximum Heart Rate: 205bpm

Training Zone (60%-85%)  123bpm-174bpm

Personal information

I’m 15 and I have a very active lifestyle. I play basketball for my school and I play basketball optional outside of school for about 3 hours. On average I play 8 hours of basketball a week. I use to play for a football team I did this for 2 years. I quit as I didn’t really enjoy the sport after a little while. I use to go swimming every week but stopped after a home issue. I also did MMA for year but found it hard to fit around my life so I stopped. I also skateboard and ride bmx I od this regularly to get to places as I don’t like walking. I work at the weekends on Friday and Saturday. On Friday I’m at work for 5 and don’t leave till about 9. then I work from 8 till 8 mostly on the Saturday. This can vary as I work at barbershop that’s quite busy this is the reason we close quite late but sometimes its different if not as many come in for a haircut. On Tuesdays I look after my little brother till about 9 o’clock. When I’m not doing anything the time spent is mostly on either playing on my ps4 or doing school work. I don’t believe my health is great as I constantly don’t eat properly. I drink on occasion once or twice a month. I do not smoke or take any other drugs. When performing in sport activities I'm very know to injuring myself as I haven't gone a year since I was 11 without breaking, fracturing or just damaging myself due to sports. This is why I want to plan a fitness programme of a moderate intensity level. The programme I'm doing is to improve my basketball duration. I would like my training to be simple and straight forward with each session lasting 30 minutes to an hour longer if need be.

Smart Goals

Specific- This will be specific to the sport basketball. I want to improve my cardiovascular endurance so that I can be more effective late in the game.

Measurable- This will be measurable as I’m performing the bleep test and will measure in the levels I get up to for example level 1 and level 2.

Achievable- This will be achievable as I'm already at level 8.3 and would like to achieve a level 10.3.

Recordable-I will record this by performing the bleep test on week 1,3 and 6.

Realistic- This will be realistic as it’s only two level I have to gain and with enough training and consistence I should be able to achieve the goal I see as easy.

Exciting- This will be Exciting as I will be motivated to increase my stamina and generally performance as it will pay off when  playing basketball.

Time- My time period is six weeks time to improve my level on the bleep test by two. Once I have hit level 10.3 I will achieve my goal.

My Smarter Goal Statement

  • I want to improve my cardiovascular endurance. I will measure this by improving my bleep test score 8.3 to 10.3. I will do this by undertaking a 6 weeks fitness programme. I will use the Fartlek Training Method.  I have chosen this because it best suits my chosen sport of basketball.  In basketball you have to sprint, jog and sometimes even walk.  It is a game played at different speeds.  A continuous training programme is not specific enough to my sport.

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Preparing for and recovering from exercise

  • Warming up

Warming up before any sort of training is very important. Why this is so important? As not warming up can cause injuries most common is pulling a muscle but can cause other injuries too. This also puts your mind in a better state to exercise so your more focused on achieve your exercise goal for example then something that went on at home.

  • Cool Down

The importance of a cool down is to bring your body back to its naturally state this will stop things like fainting, blood pooling and bringing heart ...

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