Circuit Training Programme For Tennis.

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Robert Weetman

Robert Weetman

Walton High School

GCSE Physical Education Coursework

Circuit Training Programme For Tennis


I have decided to design and use a fitness programme that is specific for tennis. I designed this as a circuit-training programme. Before I began my training I decided that I would measure my fitness level by performing a bleep test before and after the five weeks of training. My fitness level before the training began was 10.8. At that point in time I did not have any health problems or injuries.


I carefully considered the way in which I would design my circuit and in my circuit I will use the S.P.O.R.T. principles of training. I will also incorporate the F.I.T.T. principles of training into my programme.


I will make my circuit specific to tennis by focusing on the key attributes that are required to participate at a high level in this sport. The attributes that I chose to focus on were, agility, ball skills and muscular strength. I also designed stations that would help me to improve muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance because these two attributes can play a vital part in reaching the required fitness levels to become a tennis player.


Throughout the five weeks I will increase the amount of stress on my body systems in a progressive way by doing such things as repeating stations and even repeating the whole circuit.


I will overload by setting myself targets for each station of my circuit and by gradually increasing these targets throughout the five weeks.

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I will aim to remain active throughout the week-long periods of time between performing my circuit so that the effects of my training are not reversed.


I have designed my circuit so that I do not have any consecutive tedious activities. I will also perform different stations on different surfaces to avoid overuse injuries.

After taking these principles of training into consideration here is the design for

The Circuit:

  1. Shuttle run. 15 metres long with 4 cones each 5 metres apart. I will ...

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