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Components of Fitness for Long Jump

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Components of Fitness Sport: Athletics Event: Long Jump Competing A long jumper has a high mesomorph score as they have quite a muscular body, strong thighs, core strength and little body fat. As a long jumper it is ideal to have fast twitch muscle fibres as you need to have a fast run up. The reason for this is the speed which you perform on the run way will convert into the distance in the pit. In addition speed comes into the actual jump as the time it takes from you lead leg taking off from the board to it reaching a ninety degree angle in the air needs to be quick yet controlled. This can be improved my continuous practice of the movement. Flexibility is required to do this to the best of your ability. ...read more.


Being co-ordinated you need to be able to move more than one body part at the same time. This is required in almost every stage of the jump. Firstly on the run up you need to co-ordinate between your legs and arms to perfect the technique which then has to be converted into the take of where the lead led has to reach a ninety degree angle whilst the arms are creating height. Those are just two examples of where co-ordination is needed in long jump. Also to be successful you need to have good balance. This can be practiced by standing in front of a mirror or closing your eyes whilst standing on one leg. Balance is important because if you aren't balanced throughout the jump then it may hinder your distance as it could cause you to cut your jump short. ...read more.


Although this isn't extremely important in competition you need to ensure that when warming up and doing both dynamic and static stretches so that your muscles don't get tired by the time it is your turn to jump. To ensure that your muscles can perform to the best of their ability you need to train them to make them strong and powerful for take off and sprinting. Besides muscular endurance, cardio vascular endurance whilst training is essential as it all goes together to produce the perfect long jumper. Cardio vascular endurance isn't the most important component of fitness however without it you would find yourself becoming tired when warming up, also to become a faster athlete you need to put 100% effort in training and without it fatigue will be evident and you wont be able to train to the best you can. In summary, I think the four most important components for a long jumper are: *Speed *Strength *Balance *Co-ordination ...read more.

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