Football and Table Tennis rules and regulations which help maintain the true spirit of the game

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Liam Wheeler        M2- Assess, using appropriate examples, the rules, regulations and scoring systems for one team                                             and one individual sport.

Football has its own unique set of rules and regulations which help maintain the true spirit of the game. The first rule of a full sized game of football is that there are 11 players on the pitch from each team; this is to make the game fair for both sides. Referees are perhaps one of the most important rules, imagine a game without one, the game could degenerate into a free for all. The referee ensures that the pitch is a safe area to play on and that players abide by the rules and regulations. The referee can use sanctions such as red and yellow cards or send a player of the pitch if rules and regulations are broken. Teams must wear different colours so they can be easily recognised. The offside rule is perhaps one of the trickiest to understand but without it the game would be pointless as players would just stand in the goal area waiting for the ball, eliminating any skill to the game. Regulations such as to the suitability of the football boots are there to protect other players from injury, if the studs are sharp or jagged, for example they could cause a bad laceration to another player. Football matches played by adults are limited forty five minutes each half although stoppage time can be added by the referee. This rule helps protect the players from exhaustion, before this rule the game could have gone on for hours if for example a team had to get two goals more than the other team to win.

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To summarise none of us particularly like rules and regulations but they are there for our safety and also there for the safety of those around us.

Players can score goals only if there has been no infringement of any football rules. If a player for example scores from an offside position the will not count likewise if a player causes malicious injury to a goalkeeper or scores by kicking the ball out of the keepers hand. Another example where a goal would be disallowed is if a player scores form an indirect free kick without taking a deflection and ...

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