Dear Diary,

Today wasnt as bad as I thought it would be, there are lots of year10s here too, thank god I would definitely hate it if there was no one I knew here with me. The hardest part was getting up at 6:30 in the morning; I hate mornings. I was hoping that this week would be like a holiday, waking up late, getting to do stuff in the afternoons, no homework well so much for no homework, I have to write this English diary. Asha and I (my perfect grammar!) took the no. 40 bus to Times Square, we were early getting there, but we had to wait for Kate and ended up being late anyways.

        First thing after our lecture from Ms Wathall about how being on time is very important, we had an introduction talk from this California fitness guy (I forgot his name already, opps), basically all we were told was to be sensible on the equipment, and to be safe you must be smart. Such a cliché, everything we do now days commences with a lecture about safety. I dont know why they bother; all it does is to give people ideas about ways to get into trouble Well we were put into four groups; mine is called Female Pride. The name was Dominics idea, which is why we all find it hilarious. Every time they call it out we crack up laughing.

        Since Hip Hop was switched to Friday the first thing we had to do was a Cardio blast YEAY! (not). The idea is to get you heart beating fast. If you repeat it often enough, and increase the intensity of you workout your heart should get stronger, and youll get fitter. We had to go on the treadmills, X-cross trainer, Stairmaster and bikes. I actually kept running for 5 minutes, I know its not that long, but I hate running so it was quite good, for me anyways.

        For lunch time we went to the valley. We were just all messing around like usual, and then Sam started to try to push Simone in the sprinkler, except he was getting more soaked than she was. Everyone was cracking up laughing at them, and in the end Sam just picked the sprinkler up and held it out so that Simone was dripping wet.

Join now!

        The last thing we had today was Yoga. It was quite fun, but very, very difficult, and painful. We started by doing all the normal stretches, then we got to the tough stuff. The worst one was the cobra, you have to lie on your stomach and arch your back lifting your shoulders up. Everyone was collapsing. To end it all we had to relax and clear out minds, while at the same time thinking about relaxing each muscle and slowing down your breathing, a bit of a contradiction if you ask me. Most people fell asleep, and like me ...

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