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Health related exercise/training programme.

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Health related exercise/training programme Planning The intention of the programme is to increase my fitness level. I play football on weekends. My fitness level therefore is fairly high. A bleep test was undertaken in which my score was 7.8. The area that will be used will be an evenly sanded astro turf pitch. There are no foreign objects on the pitch and is safe to perform on. A warm up will be performed at the start of each session so that the body is completely organized for the fitness session. The activities have been chosen to improve speed, stamina and organization of fast feet. The activities that will be implement are specific and relevant to football and coaching activity one is related to fast feet/speed activity two include speed of fast feet and stamina. ...read more.


Each stretch will be performed dynamically or statically for a count of 10 seconds. Upper body stretches > Triceps, biceps, deltoids, pectorals, trapezius. > Mobilise the ball and socket joints (shoulders) and condyloid (wrists). Lower body stretches > Hamstring, groin, quadriceps, gastrocnemius soleus. > Mobilise the ball and socket joints (hip) adduction abduction, condyloid (ankles) Fitness Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 the third activity Warm down Warm down is to get your heart rate back to normal this can be done by doing a bit of light jogging and some dynamic stretches. The purpose of this stage in fitness sessions is to: > Remove extra blood from the muscles preventing it pooling in your veins. > Replaces oxygen debt. ...read more.


I recorded level 7.8 on the bleep test was done before the fitness programme started. After three weeks of fitness I recorded a score of level 10 on the bleep test. The fitness programme therefore increased levels of physical fitness. The activity order was specific and raised heart rate accordingly. As can be seen from the graphs and the tables the selection and order of activities steadily increased heart rate. There were on adjustments made to any of the activities in any of the three weeks. The bleep test score was level 10 presenting an increase in fitness levels. I think I planned the fitness sessions really well taking in to account, enjoyment and the activities, the aim and purpose of each session. I knew I would enjoy the activities and perform to a high level. Akeel Ahmed 11sl ...read more.

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