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Identifying and Explaining Physical skills and Physical techniques

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Identifying and Explaining skills and techniques Physical Skills * Arm height * Head position * Speed of arm rotations during delivery * Ability to bowl for extended periods of time * Speed of the run up Arm Height Effects of High Actions: * Extra bounce than usual * Extra pace and sometimes bowlers are able to skid the ball too * Extra Balance in the delivery stride * Extra accuracy, if the bowler has a side on action notably. Head Position This shows a delivery side on. ...read more.


The speed of which the shoulder rotates and 2. An explosive action. Shoaib Ahktar, for example, has both of these and bowls with tremendous pace, the rotations of his shoulder allow him to exceed speeds of over 9Omph each delivery. Ability to bowl for extended periods of time In this scorecard of a 1938 Test Match, M G Waite, a single bowler bowls 72 overs. In doing this requires massive Cardiovascular Endurance, Stamina and Motivation. Two other bowlers bowled over 8O between them, but these bowlers were spinners. ...read more.


Both these bowlers have unusually long run ups, Dennis Lillie's at 47 paces and Michael Holding's at 5O. Cardiovascular Endurance and Stamina play a big part in maintaining there pace and consistency The run up of these bowlers should be Smooth, Balanced, Economical, Rhythmic and Consistent. * Small steps initially; led to larger strides * The body 'leans' forward * The arms stay close to the body * The hands remain in motion, carried above the waistband and the within the width of the trunk * The head remains steady, with the eyes fixed on the target. ?? ?? ?? ?? David Jakeman PE Coursework Stage 2 ...read more.

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