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It was a bright sunny day in July.

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English essay It was a bright sunny day in July. The sky was painted a bright blue and the shiny green grass glistened in the sun. It was a great day for football. Russell, the manager, huddled us together and said the usual speech before the game, " I wan' to see you play your best and go on an show 'em what you got". "1, 2, 3, GO LIONS." everybody chanted in rhythm. My head up, I thought to myself the wonders of what would happen if we won the championship. I could see myself holding up the cup in glory, but if that was going to happen or not I wasn't sure. Before going on pitch, we all got kitted up in our neat yellow and blue strip. Once equipped, we all gathered into a long line and marched up on to the pitch exchanging evil looks with the other team. The crowds were cheering us on to the field and as we walked slowly into our positions we each echoed, "come on Lions" to each other. ...read more.


He quickly stopped and stretched his legs to chip the ball into the box. The ball spinned slowly towards me, it was now or never, I knew what had to be done. So I launched myself high up in the air and swung my leg at the ball ferociously like a tiger at its prey. It was me, Trevor, against the football. The ball recoiled off my leg and it was heading towards the post like an arrow through the air. I had a funny prickling on the back of my neck that made me feel I was going to miss and get blamed for everything. The ball hit the post and I looked down in shame. Suddenly after I heard a loud roar from the crowd. Enticed by my curiosity, I looked round and saw the ball in the side of the net. I had scored. Yes, believe it or not, I had scored to equalize the score. I dived and slid across the ground with my teammates behind me clapping me on. I sped back to my position lively and energetic, ready for the whistle to blow. ...read more.


He and I looked deeply at my red sore swollen ankle. Before he said anything I desperately squalled quietly, "can I go back on now?" He looked into my eyes with remorse and said, "no". I looked back onto the pitch to see the team struggling as we only had ten players on the field. It was a corner for the Spartans, they had crossed it in and headed it down toward the bottom right of the goal. I looked at the team and they all gave me a glance. I covered my face with my hands. I went over the moment again and again. If only I had moved away in time this might have not happened, I knew it. It was my entire fault that we were going to lose the game. The whistle blew to declare our loss, as all the Spartan fans jumped into the field and flooded the pitch with happiness. I went straight to my dad's car; I could not face any of the other teammates. My dad drove towards home and stated, "maybe next time son", but that was the only chance we could have to grab the title. I gave a short cry as we drove off towards the sunset ...read more.

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