My Fitness Training Programme.

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Charlton Greene

My Fitness Training Programme


In this document, I am going to create a training programme for myself.

A training programme is a set of instructions that will increase your fitness.

I will take into account which aspects of fitness I would like to improve and use this information to create a circuit of exercises to increase my overall fitness which will enable me to improve my chosen sport of tennis.  I will do this at a safe pace to reduce the risk of injury.

Training Laws

In this fitness training programme I will need to think about the principles of training.  They can be remembered by FITT, PROS and SSSS.  FITT, are the general principles I want to overload.  PROS are the important principles of training that I will need to take into consideration.   SSSS are the different areas of fitness that will be increased.

Frequency                Amount of times you train

Intensity                How hard you train

Time                        How long you train for

Type                        What type of training you do

Progression                Build up your muscles gradually

Reversibility                Fitness decrease when exercise stops

Overload                Stressing your body to increase fitness

Specificity                Using exercises for particular effects

Suppleness                Having flexible joints

Strength                Being generally stronger

Stamina                Using your muscles for a long time

Speed                        Speed you can move your muscles

The most important things to remember are the Principles of Training (PROS).  I will talk about all of them in more detail:

Progression is building up your muscles gradually to avoid injury. As you are slowly increasing your fitness, your body has time to adapt to its demands. Without progressing, your body will remain at the same level of fitness and not change.

Reversibility is the decrease in fitness when you stop exercising.  Your level of fitness decreases faster than it increases.  This is especially relevant with regard to injury.  If someone is injured, with a torn muscle, for example, it can only heal when rested.  As the muscles are not being exercised, they will decrease in size.

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Overload is the most important principle.  You must increase the general principles (FITT) in order to increase to higher levels of fitness.  As you progress, you need to train more often and increase the time you train.  Unless you overload, your level of fitness will not increase.  The result is an increase in your strength, endurance and stamina.  

Specificity is training to increase a certain part of your body.  I must decide what muscles and joints I want to increase, and then exercise them at the speed I am going to be using them.  A training programme should be ...

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