P.E. GCSE Short Course-Coursework: Training Programme

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By Sidar Ozbek (11 JB)


P.E. GCSE Short Course-Coursework

Training Programme


For this coursework I will be making a 6 week training programme for badminton. In this training program I will be doing many activities for warm up such as zig zagging around the sports hall and I will also do some stretches both for arm and leg muscles. And for my muscles cool down slowly after all that I will do some jogging and I will take some shots. Warm up;

-Stretching: Stretches in the muscle of the arms will help to shoot better. You should start stretching from neck and work your way down to your ankles because it is important that the muscles around your body are all relieved. And chest presses is another thing that I could do whilst my training.

For warm up I can also improve my skills such as serves and overhead shots. And activities such as running around the sports hall for twice or skipping for 20 times.

Cool down;

-Taking shots: I should be taking shots after the warm up because during the warm up my muscles will stretch and if muscles stretch too much and I make a sudden move after the stretching might hurt a muscle. By shooting and also jogging my muscles will relax so I can end the warm up.


Personal Profile:

I can now write my own personal profile. My age is 15, my weight is 68 and my height is 1.73. My current fitness level; I can run up to 400m. but will get tired and won’t be able to run another 400m. The sport that I do is badminton. I need to improve my arm strength a lot so that I can hit and pass quicker.  I also need to improve my speed so that I can run around a lot. And I have to improve my stamina so that I can last till the end of the game. My past injuries are that I was once hit by a car, my left side was all broken and I got out of the hospital in three moths but I totally recovered in 6 months. And I also broke my leg whilst playing football, this was also the reason why I stopped playing football and started playing basketball. I do not have any health issues that would affect me from completing my training programme to the end. The goals of my programme are that it will be measurable so that I will be able to measure my results and it will be as much realistic as possible for me to get accurate results and I will try and achieve these goals by the end of the programme.

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 Type of Training:

For this training programme I have chosen the method ‘circuit training’ so I will set up a circuit which I will do for 6 weeks and I will compare the results to the results that I will have before starting the programme. There are many exercises that I can do within this circuit such as the exercises above like stretching, jogging, shooting (against a wall, inside the hoops and practising serves and overheads), skipping, running, using free weights (good for muscles).

The Circuit of Training Programme:


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