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Personal exercise plan

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PERSONAL EXERCISE PLAN Fitness By Lucy Ward Introduction My name is Lucy Ward, I am aged fifteen years old and my birthday is on 14th June, here are my details: * My waist size is: 79 cm * My shoe size is: 6 * My wrist size is :14 cm * My ankle size is: 20 cm * My upper arm is: 24 cm * My weight is: 8st 4lbs * My height is: 169cm * Recent injury: none * Health problems: none Sports I currently take part in are: * Running * Swimming * Hockey * Basketball Sports I have participated in are: * Football * Tennis My Weaknesses within fitness are: * Press ups * Shuttle runs * Sit and reach My Strengths within fitness are: * Sit ups * Skipping * Step ups Aim From my Personal Exercise Plan I aim to improve on my weakness by training and using overload so I have enough intensity to improve my performance. To improve my current level of fitness, especially muscular strength, muscular endurance and agility. To test this I can use the bleep test. This test involves continuous running between two lines 20m apart in time to recorded beeps. For this reason the test if also often called the 'beep' or 'bleep' tests. The time between recorded beeps decrease each minute (level) I will score by the level and number of shuttles reached before they were unable to keep up with the tape recording. Every week I will work on exercise to increase the power of my muscles (biceps, deltoids and triceps) I will do this by seeing how many sit ups I can do, and to increase my abdominal muscles I will focus on abdominal muscle exercises A typical warm up: Is very important because it gets blood flowing around the body around the rate it will be flowing when you exercise and it most importantly loosens the muscles before they begin working. ...read more.


It is essential for us to look at the particular demands of our specific sport and identify in what ways we need to develop our fitness, or if we are wanting simply to develop our fitness, our weak spots must be focused on.. For me personally to be fit, I think I only need to improve on my physical fitness because I am in good health, this meaning: � I eat sensibly. � I do regular exercise. � I get enough sleep a night, assuring my body has enough time to "recharge". � I have a small, controlled intake of alcohol. � I do not smoke tobacco or any other drug. � I can easily cope with stress. Physical fitness is what I need to improve; Physical fitness is the ability of our body to carry out everyday activities with little fatigue and with energy left. Fitness is a combination of a number of physical qualities; we all vary our needs for these specific qualities. There is a minimal level of fitness, which we all need to have good health, this is called "heath related fitness." Health related fitness is split into four different areas, this are- � Aerobic capacity- this means that we are able to work for relatively long periods without becoming overtired. � Strength- this means we need to be strong enough to carry out all our everyday tasks. � Body build- this means that we need to carry the right amount of fat and the right amount of muscle. � Flexibility- this means that we need to be able to move our joints as far as we are meant to be able to. This helps us use our body in the way they were designed to be used. The other type of fitness is sport related fitness; This is split into seven areas. To be successful in most sports you need to be as fit as possible in all these areas: � Coordination- is our ability to perform complex movements with ease. ...read more.


I will also do 75 sit ups and 10-15 press ups. Week Four: this week I will be again doing work on my stamina to try to improve how long I can continue with exercise, I will be doing the same activities as week one to try and improve them, but using the progression Ideas I stated in week one. Session One * Warm up - To get blood moving, muscles warm. * Stretch - get muscles ready and flexible for an activity and assure they are not pulled or torn during exercise. * A 3 mile run around Richmond - to raise stamina and overall fitness, as Richmond is built on three hills this will assure my body is pushed. In a faster time than previously achieved. * Warm down - remove lactic acid build up. Session Two * 500m jog - warm up to prevent injury and assure muscles are fully warmed up. * Stretch - muscles mainly upper body e.g. deltoid, biceps, triceps, pectorals * A 4 mile bike ride around Richmond ensuring I include hills and different terrains; trying to achieve a shorter time that in week one, or perhaps if I feel I could without over doing my body go for 5 or 6 miles. * I short walk with my bike will cool down my body. Session Three * 600m jog - to warm up body. * To do 40laps of Richmond's swimming pool in 45monutes to help improve my stamina, or if I feel I could without doing damage to my body do more than 40. * Warm down - removal of lactic acid All these activities show specificity as they all relate to stamina, and show progression and overload as I am trying to improve on my last efforts. I will also continue to do 100 sit-ups and 25press ups. Week five: As week, three this week I will again do work on my muscular strength and muscular endurance. I will do the same activities as week three - 1 - ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Safety Aspects and Risk Assessment section.

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