My name is Joe and I am 16 years old, almost 17. I have measured my height and I am 6 feet tall. I have chosen to focus my PPP on Basketball. I have picked basketball because I find it interesting tactically, I would like to improve my level of play and above all I enjoy it. I have done basketball as one of the sports in my PE GCSE and we got a basketball coach in and he taught us a fair bit of skills and what to do in different situations.

I would like to improve my stamina in the sport to increase the speed I play and how consistent I am. Also I think this will help me improve my agility as I see these as my weaknesses. My strength, I think is my jumping height and I believe focusing on my stamina will build-up my overall strength within the sport.

My improvements will be made within the 6 weeks I have to complete a training programme.  

 Speed is the ability to perform a movement in a short period of time. This is essential in basketball, for example to be able to sprint back to defend after shot for the basket misses and the opponents get the ball.

Suppleness is the ability to bend as far as possible at your joints. Suppleness can be used when trying to defend against an attack and bending your arms enough to block a pass/ shot.

Strength is the power of action or resistance i.e.: taking a punch in boxing or giving a punch in boxing because you need to have some degree of strength. The magnitude of physical strength, often referred to as just strength, determines the ability of a person to exert force on physical objects using muscles. You would need strength in basketball when jumping up to either defend or score.

Stamina is the strength of endurance and can be mental or physical. An example of good stamina in basketball, is keeping up with the speed or to better it throughout a match. This shows you can endure and have good stamina.      

Basketball Warm-up

Firstly, flexibility is a component of basketball. When performed on a consistent basis, a warm-up and stretching routine provides improved coordination, improved awareness and greater efficiency of muscular contractions. It is crucial to gain enough flexibility to reach higher toward the basket and increase your stride. This is called functional flexibility. There are three parts to improve your functional flexibility.

  1. General Warm-up - This starts to increase body temperature. Begin with joint rotations. These help your joints to move more easily (by lubricating the entire joint with synovial fluid). Perform 10 circular movements of the ankles, knees, hips, trunk, shoulders and neck. Then do an activity such as skipping to increase blood flow to the muscles.
  2. Elements of Good Stretching - Static-active flexibility (also called active flexibility) is the ability to assume and maintain extended positions without external help. (For example, lifting your leg and keeping it high helps increase stride length to make you faster.) Static-passive flexibility is the ability to assume extended positions and then maintain them using your weight, the support of your limbs, or some other support. (For example, placing your leg on a bench.) Dynamic stretching is the ability of the muscles to move through a range of motion, such as seated windmills, leg swings, walking lunges and straight leg walks.
  3. Basketball specific activities - The last bit prepares the mind-body connection. When you start shooting the ball, your mind sends a signal via the central nervous system (CNS) to the muscles to perform the movement. By performing repetitive movements, you train the CNS (mind-muscle connection) to respond in a more efficient manner. This is accomplished when you perform ball handling and passing and shooting drills.

Through a good warm up, the efficiency of muscular contraction increases to its optimum. It also increases the rate of muscular contraction and recovery. A proper warm up will increase body temperature which will rapidly increase the transportation of the enzymes needed for energy systems and muscle contraction. Also, a decrease in OBLA (onset of blood lactic acid) takes place.

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A thorough cool down increases the removal of carbon dioxide and muscle lactic acid by keeping the capillaries dilated to wash out muscles with oxygenated blood. A decent cool down decreases heart rate and respiration as well.


Acquiring and performing movement skills.

Shooting is an essential skill in basketball because you need to score to win as well as ball-handling and passing drills which are also essential. The objective of the offense in Basketball is accuracy of each attempted shot. Every player must be his own critic and must know his range and know what ...

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