Tennis Research Paper

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        Tennis is a complex sport with a long history and provides physical as well as mental benefits. Tennis is widely known as a sport that can be played throughout one's life. The history of tennis dates back to ancient Europe as a variation of modern handball. Its unique nature as a sport and the benefits it delivers, make tennis a very important and influential sport in the society we live in.         

        Several thousand years ago, European monks played what has evolved to be the game of tennis for entertainment during religious ceremonies. In those early days, tennis was played against a wall. At first, people used their hand to swat at the ball until the leather glove came into existence. This was later replaced with a handle for hitting and serving the ball. As this game gained popularity, the monks began teaching the game to the nobility as well. There were a few European monarchs who banned the game while others promoted the construction of new playing areas. By the year 1500, popularity was on the rise as a new racket strung with sheep guts began to be used, contributing to the common term of "gut strings". In 1850, new balls and an indoor arena to play tennis were introduced this, in turn, promoted the adoption of a new set of rules.

The modern game of tennis was born in England during the late 1800s, when the sport was known as lawn tennis. The year 1874 is however, considered as the birth year of modern tennis, when Major Walter C. Wingfield patented the equipment and rules for the new and improved game. Thereafter, equipment began to be sold in Russia, India, Canada, and China. The rules were revised again in 1875 to appease the critics of the new rules, but further development was left to others to devise. The first widespread tournament, known today as Wimbledon, was held in 1877 at the All England Club. The tournament committee came up with many rules and intricacies that are part of the modern game of tennis. As years passed, tennis gained popularity and became accessible around the world. The International Lawn Tennis Federation was formed in Paris, France. In the early 1900's women's tennis also started to gain worldwide popularity and attention.

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        The sport is rooted heavily in European lawn games such as croquet and bowls. The rules of tennis have remained largely the same since its conception. Recently, however, changes have come with the increasing influence of technology in the conduct of the game. Players in professional leagues now have the ability to challenge the decision of the line judge or center judge through the use of instant replay. This new and radical modernization of the sport has been referred to as the "players'" movement. Tennis is enjoyed worldwide, particularly in warmer countries, and several international tournaments garner the attention of millions ...

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