Training Programme – Tennis

The sport I have chosen to focus on and create a training programme for is Tennis.  I regularly attend training sessions twice a week.  Each week we tend to focus on a particular aspect of the game such as the serve.  I then carry out activities in order to improve my serve such serving into the corner of the box 4 times then I’d do the same aiming for an ace.  

     Fitness plays a vital role in Tennis, and in this programme I will be working mainly on the endurance side. However I am pretty active as I d either run or cycle every night.  I usually do high intensity cycling which I do for 45 minutes keeping the rate at which I am cycling at around 80 – 85 rpm.

      I would like to work on the fitness section of Tennis, as a good level of it is very important to have in a tennis match.  The fitness aspect also involves agility and power.  The agility plays an important part in Tennis as you are constantly changing direction in order to reach the ball, so you need to be able to do this very quickly.  Power is also very important, as you need this to drive the ball hard over the net.  

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       I have chosen to train for competition season, as that is the time that you should be at he peak of both general and specific fitness where you aim to perform to a high standard.  Competition season usually lasts about 32 weeks and both aerobic and anaerobic methods of training are used.  


General fitness

 To have general fitness means that you are in good health and are able to cope with the demands of everyday life without fatigue.  There are 4 factors, which make up general fitness, these are: -


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