Citizenship Child Labour Campaign

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We initially brainstormed ideas which needed addressing, we came up with different topics: Litter, climate change, gang violence, drugs. In the end I came up with child labour with the view as it is hidden majority of the time away from the public eye. My group consists of myself, and 4 others who has barely played a part. Myself as well as my peers applied ourselves as joint group leaders with many after-school and Saturday sessions. At an early stage we realised this was a massive problem with many different opinions conflicting against each other. Since then we’ve been working as a group wanting to raise funds to help children such as ourselves.  

We took it upon ourselves to change the public’s perception of child labour and we realised that it was unfair for adults to allow their children grow oblivious of the conditions children cope with in developing countries. We part of the future generation wanted to raise awareness more than raise funds as this would be a more effective way of addressing the situation. We believe that the council should play a bigger part of not only providing services to local children but children aboard who come from countries not blessed with a democratic society that we take for granted.

We were astonished of the local and national companies who depended heavily on products made by the means of child labour. We researched online and took the opinions of opposing viewpoints. We emailed unicef and save the children, where we were met my positive encouragement

For a group of 5 students it is extremely unrealistic to make a big impact but this does not mean we should not try as we keep a pessimistic attitude it will lower morale and we will lack determination.                              

Join now!

This is type of action we had in mind:

  • Raising awareness about child labour
  • Have a car wash and have a stall to raise money and awareness
  • Make an online group in which anyone could join or  contribute money to a worthy cause
  • Have an assembly to raise awareness

In many ways I wanted commit myself to something more palpable and noticeable. There had been many attempts my many groups who have more members and financial support, although I agree with many aspects of their guiding principles as I do not agree with the governments technique of ...

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