Discuss the Persuasive Techniques Used in the "New Labour, New Danger" Party Political Broadcast"

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Discuss the Persuasive Techniques Used in the "New Labour, New Danger" Party Political Broadcast"

In this Party Political Broadcast, combinations of many techniques are used in order to persuade the viewers and electorate to vote Conservative, and dissuade them from voting labour, by associating Labour with Danger.

The language and tone used by the voice - persuades the viewer to vote labour, and distrust labour.

The Broadcast uses cinematography, and the choice of camera shots, to illustrate the tone of the broadcast, and combines the cinematography with the content of the broadcast. For example, at the beginning of the broadcast, while the voice over is describing how good Britain has been under the Conservative Party, many shots are used. This technique creates a mood of dynamism, excitement, movement and progress so that the viewer will associate these positive qualities with the conservative party, and therefore convince the viewer to vote for the Conservatives. However when the voice-over narrates of how the Labour Party (the opposing party) will ruin Britain and raise taxes, very few shot are used. This technique the viewers focus on what the voiceover is saying, as there are less distractions, so impact of his word is increased (insert what he says quotes wise). The single medium close-up shot used at the end of the scene creates a sense of tension, which is frequently used and associated with the horror genre, consequently this sense of danger, horror, and risk is associated with Labour, and therefore the making the viewer more cautious in regards to labour and their policies.
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This theme of danger is constantly coupled labour in the cutaway slogan; "New Labour, New Danger" which is shown at the end of each scene. The slogan uses assonance between the A sounds and rhymes Labour with Danger to draw a link between Labour and Danger, and make the slogan more memorable. Along with the slogan the cutaway shot also has an image of two menacing eyes peaking through a curtain reminiscent of the horror genre, to again link Labour with horror and danger, to discourage to voter from voting Labour.

This image of menacing eyes ...

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