A Christian view on Suffering - KU2

Suffering is a negative issue that no body wants to think about, but in this day and age we've all come to terms with the fact that there are people much worse off then we are. Suffering can come in all sorts from mental to more physical suffering like poverty.

In this section of my coursework I will be discussing three key areas of suffering-

* Terminal Illness

* Racism

* Poverty

Terminal Illness

The dictionary definition of Terminal illness is: - "An illness or disease that cannot be cured and gradually causes death."

Many people today face terrible, incurable diseases, which face them with death. Most people with a terminal illness will want to die naturally but there are a few who'd rather "get it over with" so to speak (in other words- Euthanasia).

The case of Diane Pretty is a primary example of a terminal illness. Diane Pretty was a sufferer of motor Neurone disease. She lost the battle in court to end her prolonged suffering by assisted suicide (euthanasia). However, the court's decision to not allow her to commit suicide was backed by the fact that it would be a "licence to commit crime" and not a religious (Christian) reason.
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The tenth commandment states - "Thou shall not murder"

Christians believe that God created man and to kill something of God's creation is wrong- Euthanasia is wrong. Roman Catholics believe euthanasia is wrong and unethical. Even though people are suffering with their illness, it is still thought wrong to kill, even for good? If a person is suffering then surely euthanasia can end this suffering? Going back to my case study for terminal illness, would the husband of Diane Pretty be labelled "murderer" as the tenth commandment states?

Christians believe life is a gift of God ...

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