There is no point in marriage when you can live together in any case

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“There is no point in marriage when you can live together in any case”

        Some people would agree with the statement because they don’t like to get into a big relationship without really knowing how it would feel like to live with them first. They may not want to make vows before God, family and friends knowing that in the next few years they won’t like each other and they will have to break these vows (promise). They may be living together just for lust (desirable purposes) and not because they are in love or want to spend there lives with each other. Marriage is a big commitment and they might not want to get in a commitment as it may have not been part of their plans for future. Some couples are engaged to be married, and decide to move in together before the wedding. Sometimes they are saving money for a wedding, and decided that they'll live together in the meantime. They maybe don’t want to nor can’t married but still want to spend the rest of their life together.

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Others might disagree because getting married means you will have love, security and commitment which are some things you will not get completely if you do not get married; this can only come also from this stable relationship of marriage. Marriage is better because it is tradition; 98% of adults are married. Marriage provides a suitable relationship for two people to grow and love each other. You marry to have the full approval of your family, friends and the society. Marriage is also a suitable relationship where children can grow.            

For Christians, marriage certainly does have ...

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