A Technical Killing: Inspector Guttridge's Report.

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A Technical Killing: Inspector Guttridge’s Report

To: Chief Superintendent Hubble

From: Inspector H.F. Guttridge

Subject: The Simon Delmore Case.

Date: Saturday 1st May 2002

Initial Findings

  • Place: Librarian’s Room, Ayrton Technical College.
  • Victim: Simon Delmore, student at the college.
  • Apparent cause of death: stab wound in abdomen causing great internal bleeding.
  • Weapon: Fine carving gouge, next to body when found.
  • Time of death: Approximately between 8.00 and 10.00 p.m., 24th April (certified by T.Brooks, police surgeon).
  • Crime reported: 9.35 a.m. Saturday 25th April by Mr. G. Smith, the caretaker.
  • Discovery: Body found by Miss Ella Dews, the senior librarian. She had come to the college on Saturday to catch up on some work, as she usually did. She collected her room L2 key from the caretaker and unlocked her room with her L3 key and found the dead body on a trolley. She confirms that all the doors and windows in the library were locked. She had entered through the stockroom and left through the main doors. She had to unlock every door.
  • Body had been dead for at least eleven and a half hours, before it’s discovery.
  • On the night of the murder, there was the preparation for an art exhibition to be held on Monday. There was a Rock Concert being held in the Main Hall 8.00-10.15 p.m. with an interval 9.00-9.15 p.m.
  • The trolley, on which the body was found on, had been moved from the stockroom between 8.40 p.m. Friday and 9.35 p.m. Saturday.
  • It appeared that the murder took place in the exhibition area because there were signs of struggle in that area of the library.

Further Findings

  • Two members of staff can be eliminated from the list of suspects:
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  • Miss Ella Dews, senior librarian.
  • Mr P. Quarmby, head of Computers.

This is because they were both at the Society’s Annual Dinner at the Grand Hotel on the night of the murder. Mr.Quarmby had given an hour-long speech and Miss Dews had proposed the vote of thanks.

  • The library doors were all locked on the night of the murder by Miss Dews so there would be no people from the Rock concert wandering into the library. An L2 key had been lent to the students who were preparing for the art exhibition so they could go ...

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