Abortion - a religious overview.

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Carley-Jayne Ingledew        10W1        Miss Marques


Abortion means the termination of the life of a fetus.

Most Muslims believe that abortion is a sin but is allowed if the mother’s life is in danger. They believe this because life belongs to Allah and the shari’ah says the mother’s life takes priority. Some Muslim lawyers teach that the fetus only receives its soul after 120 days. So abortion before that date is allowed but it must be fir a good reason.

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        Protestants believe that abortion id evil but it is sometimes the only option (pro-choice) e.g. Rape, severe handicap, threat to the life of the mother, poverty. The people that believe this base their views on the following, love their neighbor as themselves, people have to face up to technology.

Roman Catholics and some Protestants believe that abortion is always wrong and should not be allowed (pro-life). They believe this because all life is holy and belongs to god, only god has the right to end a pregnancy, life begins at the moment of conception.

Some people agree with abortion because ...

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