Abortion is too easy - Do you agree?

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“Abortion is too easy” – Do you agree?

There seems to be a common attitude shared even by some abortion rights supporters that abortions shouldn't be too easy to obtain. People apparently feel that if abortions are easy to get, then they would be "abused" — as if women can't be trusted to use abortion "correctly" or as if the meaning of pregnancy would be diminished. But can you imagine the outcry if people were told that they have a right to vote (arguably of equal importance to the decision to have an abortion), but that voting shouldn’t be “too easy” and that they have to go through several hoops to cast their vote? Aren’t efforts to make abortions more difficult to obtain a direct attack on the poor and working classes who can least afford to devote the time and money being demanded while technically and formally keeping abortion “legal”?
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Abortions will always occur because the situation will always arise where someone has an unwanted pregnancy. Therefore if abortions were illegal or even more difficult to obtain, people might have to resort to having an abortion carried out on the ‘black market’. Such a procedure might be carried out in unfit conditions by someone unqualified to do the job. The fact that it is legal in the UK means at least that it can be regulated and you can be sure that it is carried out safely, the same reason why prostitution is legal in America.

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