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Abortion: Pros And Cons

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Abortion Introduction Abortion is when an embryo or foetus is removed from a pregnant woman through surgery. This ultimately kills the baby as it is already growing inside the womb. There is much debate about whether or not women should an abortion if wish to do so. There are strict religious guidelines about abortions because after all should a person have the right to stop their own baby from having a life? But on the other hand doesn't a female know best whether she can cope with a child at this moment of her life? This essay will dip into the pros and cons of abortion. The Argument For And Against A woman may become pregnant after having an affair at the pub with a random man and then find out later that she is pregnant. She has not got a stable life at the moment. ...read more.


For example a woman may have given birth to three children. Her first child is deaf, her second is blind and the third is paralysed. The odds are that the fourth child will also have a disability of some kind. Shouldn't this woman have an abortion and save the child from have a useless life? Some people would say that if abortion is not made against the law young girls may take advantage and have an affair with a man knowing that if they become pregnant they can go and make an abortion. Hindus are very much more flexible when considering abortion. Hindus so say that abortion should be used as a last resort but if it is needed then it has to be done in a way that will cause the least harm to the foetus, mother and father. Hindus say that it is best to have an abortion before the foetus starts breathing. ...read more.


By having an abortion the baby is killed and is seen as disrespect for human life. The British Pregnancy Advisory Service say that it is better for a child to be born into a loving family and parents who want them rather than being the result of an avoided abortion. People say that there are alternatives to abortion such as adoption. A mother can put their baby up for adoption and yes the child will knowing that s/he wasn't wanted by their parents but they could still go onto make something good out of their lives. My Opinion I think that abortion is a very sensitive issue. I think that people shouldn't take advantage of the option of having an abortion and if a person decides to become pregnant but then wants an abortion. I think that is wrong. However if a woman becomes pregnant due to a rape or puts the mother's life in danger then they should have the right to have an abortion but only before the foetus starts breathing. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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