I strongly believe that abortion should be legalized. Abortion should not be total outlawed but it should not be administered freely to anyone. But the pro life groups cannot ignore the woman's right to choose what happens inside her body, the right of the father to have a say but we can not ignore the right of the unborn baby. Other issues the affect this debate is the religious views and the time in which it is safe to have an abortion. The strongest issue in this debate is the right of a damaged fetus.

In many European countries, abortion is legal but only to those who meet a strict set of guidelines. Although abortion is legal on the mainland of the U.K., it is not legal here in Northern Ireland.

I believe that the women should have a say in this but a small say. I believe that so "social abortion" should not be aloud as it is the women own fault she got pregnant. To stop this so could have taken measures. I believe that a woman that is rape on impregnated against her wile should have the right to an abortion. This is because she did not have the choice to have this baby. People will also argue that an accidental pregnancy should be able to have an abortion because she did not plan to have this baby. However, these women do have a choice they must have known the risks of having sexual intercourse therefore it could have been prevented. While rape, victims do not have the choice to be impregnated. They may also not have a stead relation ship with a partner, which can make it hard to raise this child in a good childhood.
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I also believe that a fetus that has saver mental or physical disabilities should be aloud to be terminated at the mother's choice. This can save a lot of pain in the future. It may also save the mothers life as it can often lead to an abnormal labor. I read that a woman twenty-two weeks pregnant started to bleed out of the womb. She was going to die unless there was a suzerain section done, but this would be abortion of the child. Therefore, it was a choice of losing the child and the mother or just ...

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