Abortion Should Never Be Justified. Discuss

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Abortion should never be justified

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Many people, most prominently Roman Catholics would agree with never allowing abortion – their foremost arguments being that a life is a life, no matter what stage of development it has reached.

If a fetus had the right to life, then surely abortionists would be subject to murder charges, because otherwise there is a fundamental inconsistency in both anti-abortionists views and the law. Judith Jarvis argues in her 1971 book, A Defense of Abortion, that a fetus is no more a human than an acorn is a tree, words which have come to the forefront of many pro-abortion arguments. While the fetus has the potential to grow into a tree, it is not actually a human yet.
Many would argue that abortion is immoral, but despite that, it is still a woman’s right, because they would be the ones to suffer physical and mental pain, as well as the consequences and responsibility of a child.

Many would argue that the mothers life is also more important than the fetus’ – the mother is already established in the world, has directly influenced the people and community around her, and has already established bonds with people who would be absolutely overcome with grief at her death, whereas the fetus is yet to influence the world, and would not cause anywhere near as much grief as the mother’s death would. The mother already has responsibilities in the world, whereas the fetus is merely hindering those responsibilities by causing physical pain and suffering upon the mother, as well as preventing many of these responsibilities’ undertaking in the latter stages of pregnancy.

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If mothers cannot be trusted with the choice to abort or not, how can they be trusted to raise children at all?

In a free society, abortion is a matter of personal belief, and if this were to be hindered, we would be under a dictatorship. Why send grown men, who have more value in the world than yet-to-be-born fetuses, to war and almost inevitable death when you would protect fetuses, who as of yet have no responsibilities in the world.

People would argue that many abortions are dangerous, and would claim that some have culminated in the death of ...

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