Abortion Should Not Be Made Illegal

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Monica McQuilter      Abortion Should Not Be Made Illegal

For years Abortion has been a controversial subject all over the world. In some countries like Britain it is legal, but in others such as Ireland in which many people have very strong religious beliefs it is illegal. This topic has been the centre of many disputes due to varying views over the globe.

Abortion is a hard decision for women to make and many are criticised for it and can be disowned from their families. Women should have the choice whether or not they decide to keep the baby when they do become pregnant, and it should be no one else’s choice. If abortion ever did become illegal it would be discriminating women all over the country and forcing them into an unwanted pregnancy. In Ireland where abortion is illegal many young girls travel to Britain to go through with the abortion, but some go to a ship which is just out with the Irish waters were they go through with the procedure this situation would most likely happen in Britain if abortions were banned.  There would also be the high risk of back street abortions, which were around many years ago when abortion was illegal in this country. Even though they were banned they still went on, in unhygienic ways not like the procedure that goes on today in a hospital. These abortions were done in peoples kitchens or back alleyways, and would be performed using knitting needles and spatulas, and in around 90% of cases not only aborted the unborn foetus but killed the mother too, due to the mass amount of blood loss.

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Many of the public assume that the women who do choose to have an abortion are ‘silly young teenagers’ or ‘spineless women’, but that is not the case, Most of the people who go through with their choice to get rid of their child have good valid reasons and it is the women’s choice not anyone else’s especially people they do not know. If abortion was banned then many young teenage girls who do become pregnant would not have the choice that they have today, to either keep the child or to abort it. In today’s society teenage parents are ...

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