Abortion Speech Hitiksha Patel Every abortion kills a human being. That is an unquestionable scientific statement. Would we see such debate and disagreement in the community if abortion were simply like having a tooth extracted? People who are for abortion feel uncomfortable with expressions such as ‘unborn baby’ and ‘human being’ because they are arguing for the right to end a human life, a unique, precious individual whose marvellous life has just begun and whose gifts and talents the world will never come to see. For many women the realisation of what they’ve done comes to late with deep regret, guilt and sorrow. Abortion goes against a woman’s every instinct, it can be psychologically damaging to the woman. One woman shared her story saying
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“my sorrow was immeasurable, I was wracked with sobs, heaving aching sobs. After that day, I spent three months plunged in total emotional darkness – the depths of suffering, anger and misery.” Motherhood is destined to look after and to protect. The hardest thing of all to tolerate, harder than the loss of the child itself, is the fact of having deliberately surrendered you won child to death! As if we had any doubt that the unborn child is alive and human, just look at some of the milestones of his or her early development. A new human life begins ...

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