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An embryo is a person and has a right to life. Discuss

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An embryo is a person and has a right to life The abortion argument deals with the rights and wrongs of deliberately ending a pregnancy before normal childbirth, therefore killing the foetus in the process. Abortion covers several issues such as whether a foetus is a human being and when a foetus has the right to life. Many people want to ban abortion while others do not. When planning an abortion you are potential killing a human being who will have a life. Therefore is it right to kill a foetus? Also when should the abortion occur? ...read more.


Therefore Roman Catholics strongly agree with the statement. I would agree with that abortion is wrong and should not be allowed in most circumstances. However if there is a serious issue with the mother of the foetus then abortion should be allowed. Anglicans and Liberal Protestants believe that abortion is undesirable but is permissible in some circumstances. They believe that life does not begin at conception and therefore abortion is allowed. Anglicans would disagree with the statement as they don't believe that life does not begin at conception. I would agree with statement because you would be allowed to abort the foetus if there was a serious situation. ...read more.


However with this point I would have to disagree because life begins at conception Overall looking at different views of abortion, I believe that abortion should be allowed in particular instances if there were serious problems. However if there were not any issues then the foetus should be allowed to live as it is a human being. I believe that life does begin at conception but that abortion should be allowed before 9-12 weeks because there may be a serious risk to the foetus or the mother. This is when the foetus has signs of life. ...read more.

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