Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born on October 2nd 1869, in a town near Bombay. He was born into a family of six children and he was the youngest. His father’s profession was an advisor to one of the states in Gujarat province. His mother was uneducated.

      Gandhi married Kasturba at the age of thirteen. The marriage affected his schooling, but soon he was able to catch up. His father died when he was in Grade 10(Indian education system). He was the first person to complete a high school education. Gandhi then attended a college, failed to succeed and dropped out after three months. A family friend advised Gandhi that, in order to be a Barrister in India, he would have to complete a B.A degree. He decided to go to England. His brother sold some of the family land and his wife sold most of her jewellery to raise funds for his ticket.

After obtaining his mother’s consent, Gandhi left India on September 1888, at the age of 18.

     In London, Gandhi was able to complete his law course. In 1891 he returned to India with the Barrister’s title and tried to build his own law practice. He did not have enough money to begin his practice in Bombay. In May 1893, at the age of 23, Gandhi accepted an offer to work in South Africa as a lawyer.

    Gandhi experienced racial discrimination for the first time when he was removed from a railway carriage because the South African Railway did not allow coloured people to travel first class.

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    This incident greatly affected him. He called a meeting of the local East Indians and decided to represent their right to have fair

treatment in the courts. Gandhi worked hard to get rid of discrimination and to educate Indians to become better citizens.

    Gandhi came up with the idea of Satyagraha, which meant using non- violence. The leaders in India were paying attention to Gandhi’s work in South Africa and had been asking him to return to India to work with them. In 1915, at the age of 45, Gandhi returned to India.  He ...

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