The Next Big Thing   "This is a CNN special report. This just in. The Center for Disease Control has just declared that an epidemic is widespread in Miami, Florida. Doctors have not yet diagnosed the specific cause of the rampant disease, but the illness initially resembles a chest cold that progresses pneumonia-like symptoms. It then progresses rapidly into fever and shortness of breath. What is especially peculiar about this epidemic is that all the patients who have sought medical attention attended the Orange Bowl football game on New Year's Day. Authorities have asked that anyone who went to that game seek medical care if cold-like symptoms appear. Stay tuned for further developments on this story. Elsewhere in the news..." ("Biological Weapons...").   This is a notional, yet frightening illustration of what the first signs of a biological warfare (BW) attack might sound like. This scenario is a possible example of an attack a terrorist might conduct using off-the-shelf technology and readily available biological warfare agents. The 'concept of operations' in this attack consisted of using several insect bombs and modifying them by filling the canister with anthrax bacteria bought through a mail order specimen company in the United States. This is just a sample of many possible scenarios that could employ biological warfare agents in a terrorist or combat operation ("Biological Weapons...").   Biological warfare is a type of warfare that employs the use of biological agents with the intent to inflict harm. Biological agents are generally concealed and stored in aerosol cans and must be inhaled or ingested to become active. Because of the incubation period, in
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which all biological agents go through, symptoms of these toxins are overlooked as being minor illnesses. There are approximately seven biological agents. These are anthrax, smallpox, plague, ebola, marburg, botulism, and tularemia. Each and everyone contains a different fatality rate and symptoms. Cures for these diseases are yet to be found. Medication is limited and treatment is short. When infected with one of these agents, life expectancy becomes very short ("Plague...").   The thought of biological warfare started with the Romans using dead animals to poison the enemies water supply, but it was not until 1918 that the Japanese would form ...

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