Buddhism - a philosophy or religion?

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Buddhism – a philosophy or religion?

Buddhism is one of the major world religions, it is recognized in most countries as a religion, no-one has yet considered that maybe it is a philosophy. We define a religion as having six things, these are: belief in a God, a place of worship, Holy Scriptures or books, rules or guidelines, rites of passage and festivals or special days. So in order to determine Buddhism as a religion we must identify that it has all of these characteristics. However when I do this I find that in theory Buddhism doesn’t qualify as a religion as they do not believe in any God and they do not have a place of worship, they do have a monastery but not all Buddhists will visit or live in one and it is a place of study as they do not worship anybody.

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Some would say that Buddhism is a religion because that’s how everyone recognises it and it has many features of a religion, such as the guidelines the Buddha set out, and the rites of passage that monks undergo, such as their ordainment, however not every Buddhist has to become an ordained monk so it is not exactly a rite of passage. However some say that the Buddha is a sort of leader to Buddhists as they follow the guidelines he set out and they have shrines to him and stupa’s over his relics, to some people this is considered ...

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