Buddhism and Buddhist teachings.

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I think that all of the Buddhist teachings affect them in their daily lives but some affect them more than others. The first teaching that affects their lives is the three marks of existence. These are:

  • Dukka – all life is suffering,
  • Anicca – everything changes,
  • Anatta – there is no soul.

Through Dukka Buddhists accept that we have to suffer in life. They are aware that even if they are not suffering themselves, someone somewhere in the world will be suffering at that moment in time. They accept that it’s inevitable that they will suffer from things like illnesses, loss of a relative and eventually death. This helps them understand why they must reach enlightenment as this is the only place where they will experience true joy and stop suffering. This will also give them an incentive in life to gain more good Karma and meditate so that they can reach enlightenment.

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Through Anicca Buddhists learn to accept that all life changes. This shows them that they have to move on from bad experiences and not think about what could have been. This will help them because they won’t be yearning for what they can’t have. For example if they can’t get the job they wanted they will learn to make the most of the job they do have. Change can also be physical, and they will learn not become obsessed with the fact their bodies are ageing and they will accept and be happy with the way they look.

Through Anatta ...

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