Religious education revision (Buddhist)

Siddharta Gautama

  • He was a Prince born in Lumbini.
  • When he was 29, he saw an dead, a holy, and sick person and a old man. This is called the ‘four sights’.
  • He reached enlightenment after sitting under a bo tree to meditate.

Key words

  • Buddha’-one who is enlightened.
  • ‘Dharma’-the Buddhist’s teaching
  • ‘The three poisons’ are- Greed, hatred and ignorance.
  • ‘Dukkha’-Suffering
  • Nirvana-point of peace which all cravings end

The three marks of existence

  • Anicca-Everything in the world changes (Anicca… A knickers, picture the earth wearing pants).
  • Anatta-Everybody around us changes (Anatta… anatomy, people).
  • Dukkha-we change, we suffer (dukkha, ducks, they suffer. ).
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The four Noble truths

  • All life contains suffering- we are never content with what we have.
  • The cause of our suffering are cravings
  • The way to stop suffering is to stop craving,
  • The way that we should follow to stop craving is to go through the Noble Eightfold Path.

The Noble Eightfold path (three of them).

  • Right livelihood- earn a living that doesn’t cause suffering to others.

  • Right concentration- Meditate. Peace…….

  • Right action- Follow the Five precepts. Okay?

The Five Precepts

  • I abstain from the ...

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