Marcus Cendro        Cendro 1 10/12/02 Period 1 Mrs. Scott Buddhism/Hinduism Paragraph Buddhism vs. Hinduism         Here are some similarities and differences between the Buddhist and Hindus religion.  First of all there are the two religions diet, which are basically the same.  Hindu’s do not kill animals for fear they will be destroying someone’s soul, so therefore some Hindu’s do not
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eat meat at all.  The Buddhist diet can be explained in modern terms with the word “vegan”, which refers to one who does not eat animals, but also no animal products nor derivatives.  Next is the topic of afterlife, which is a difference between the two religions.  Hindu’s believe that humans and animals die and then are reborn in another form and that form is an indication of how well he/she behaved in their past life.  As for the Buddhist belief if the mind does not achieve enlightenment in this life, or enter a Pure Land at death, it will ...

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