Buddist ethics - The war on Iraq.

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Hossein Amini 4H

                                 BUDDHIST ETHICS:

                    THE WAR ON IRAQ

Mr Blair, in light of your constant apprehension on the War with Iraq, which is now greatly looming upon us all, I would like to raise a few aspects that I feel are necessary, before you declare this war.

      Mr Blair, you must seriously keep an open mind about what you are doing. The history of mankind is a continuous manifestation of man’s greed, hatred, pride, jealousy, selfishness and delusion. During the past 3,000 years, many, many wars have taken place. Is this really, a major characteristic of a man? What is his destiny, and how can men bring destruction onto one another?

     Although it can be said that man has invented several important and critical advances in technology, they have also on the other hand took a step forward to the destruction of their own kind. This is exactly how many of the great civilisations, the Aztecs, the Romans, the Greeks, the Ottomans, have all been completely erased from this earth. Modern man has become so sophisticated in the art and technique of military warfare, that it is possible to turn mankind into ashes within just a few seconds. Thus, the world has turned into a storehouse of military hardware as a result of the game called ‘Military Superiority’

     I have know been told, that the prototype of a new nuclear weapon, being built, is more powerful than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, in 1945. Now, this can mean disaster Mr Blair. It can easily lead towards universal destruction. Just see; just see what we are doing to our human race! Just consider what we are doing. We are leading to the demise of ourselves, and over what. See how foolish and selfish man is!

     You should not go towards your aggressive instincts, but uphold all the ethical teachings and display justice with morality to enable peace to prevail.

     Leaders and governments all around the world over 100’s of years have devised treaties, pacts and peace formulae, and they have thus found a way to maintain and promote peace on earth. However, despite all of this, they have not removed the countless threat of destruction. The reason is, Mr Blair, that we have failed as a unit, to educate, and teach the young generation to truly understand and respect the need for a selfless service and the danger of selfishness. To guarantee true peace, we must educate love, goodwill and tolerance towards all.

     So, Mr Blair, you must make sure you approach this calamity with a true decision, as there are dire consequences for if you to hasten without thought. You must be patient Mr Blair, and not rush into things, and you must thus approach the situation, by keeping in mind that you must not be selfish for yourself, but must also think of countless others, that will suffer terribly, and have great pain put on them.

     There are many Buddhist principles that you should also take into account. The main principle taken into depth when discussing such a serious matter is the three ways. These are, the way of morality, the way of wisdom, and the way of meditation. All three are important, Mr Blair, in order to rid oneself of the three poisons: hatred, greed and ignorance. These are things that you seriously should consider, as this war can be said to be about all these aspects. There are many principles by which Buddhists seek to live, and principles that follow naturally from a Buddhist way of looking at life. Some of these are the five precepts. The one, which should be raised in an issue like this, is I undertake to abstain from taking life. Essentially, Mr Blair, this precept is against the killing of any living thing. Even some Buddhists argue, that taking life deliberately, is a way of humiliating another person, and you are, in effect, making little worth of their lives, and making them feel depressed and deprived of their lives.

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     Sila should be taken seriously Mr Blair. Sila is essentially, the act of morality. Let me explain this more. As a Buddhist, one should always try and live in the best possible way, by acting thoughtfully. If one does not act thoughtfully, then we believe that it will be impossible to gain perfection. Essentially, Mr Blair, Sila teaches us to be more aware, and act according to justice, and with principles of benevolence towards all beings.

      Sila therefore, can be linked to the principle of Ahmisa. Ahmisa is the loving, and caring act that ...

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