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Can we create the perfect world?

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When we made the version of the world we all thought was the best, we made many changes involving not getting obese, only dying of old age, people can fly etc etc we made changes to the way people act, the environment, systems and complex issues such as no natural evil. For the environment we decided unbreakable ozone layer, Greeny blue sky, fresh green land and soil and no mud My world is a good world, there is a four day weekend, everyone loves somebody, you can die with loved ones if you wish, cute animals have freedom, a cashless debit card system that prevents theft as it has iris recognition and status is determined by hard work not by what family you were born into or what part of the world you live in, in other words equality. There is a fair justice system with no corruption and bad rulers. There is less need for sleep and No terrorism but world peace. ...read more.


No depression, mental illnesses, disease... are all ways of helping people from suffering too. You have the choice to speak to God in waking centers and have your questions answered. Everyone loves someone means that nobody feels unloved and everybody has a chance to represent themselves by choosing their own appearance and height which prevents bullying and other embarrassment of how people look. This world makes the most comfortable possible place for humans and their lifestyle. The obvious result is everyone is happy. With no terrorism and only world peace and no natural evil what's wrong with this world. Isn't this the perfect world? There are some obvious faults however; many of these do promote greed and competition within people. The idea of having an unbreakable ozone layer sounds good at first but then people wont bother to look after it and wont learn to be responsible for their own actions, and if the pollution doesn't damage the ozone layer as a warning it will continue until it becomes life threatening. ...read more.


You can also eat loads and not get obese which is a way of telling people to eat as much as they want (become greedy) and there will be no consequences. Theists believe they can talk to God whenever they want and he will always listen and that you don't have to find a walk in center wait for an appointment and then speak quickly and be ushered out because there are a lot of people waiting. I know some atheists think that there is no point to a world like this and it causes so much misery to people but it also causes happiness and our minds are too small to understand certain things such as infinite regression, this is one of them. The world can't be perfect for everyone and humans just don't see why some things are created, before people used to wonder if the moon had a purpose, now we know it affects the tides, in the future we may find out a lot more about these things but for now I think we should just trust God's judgment and be content in the world we live in. ...read more.

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