Can we create the perfect world?

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When we made the version of the world we all thought was the best, we made many changes involving not getting obese, only dying of old age, people can fly etc etc we made changes to the way people act, the environment, systems and complex issues such as no natural evil. For the environment we decided unbreakable ozone layer,  Greeny blue sky, fresh green land and soil and no mud My world is a good world, there is a four day weekend, everyone loves somebody, you can die with loved ones if you wish, cute animals have freedom, a cashless debit card system that prevents theft as it has iris recognition and status is determined by hard work not by what family you were born into or what part of the world you live in, in other words equality. There is a fair justice system with no corruption and bad rulers. There is less need for sleep and No terrorism but world peace. We thought of some appearance changes to such as once you got to 25 you stopped aging as fast, you can change appearance at will and grow tall or short at will and no disease unless your bad. One idea that was extremely interesting was the fact that you could speak to God whenever you want in a walk in center.

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My world is the things I want and the things I think are needed in this world to
make it not just better but the best possible world. Cashless money system will-riot
only prevent theft as it has iris recognition but prevents people from becoming stingy,
greedy, vain and any other bad qualities associated with money. This is because
people will just be staring at a number and will be more relaxed in giving large sums
to charity and wont be stingy. Also as you cant physically count all the money which
helps prevent greed. Less need to sleep and longer days and weekend’s helps people
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