Capital Punishment

        Crime is an unsociable act against the laws of society that offends everything it upholds. This can range from shoplifting an item from a shop to something as extreme as murder. All crimes are divided into two groups against:

        Property i.e. theft and vandalism

        People i.e. rape, assault and murder

There are many reasons to why people commit crimes, it could be that they are very poor and need to commit crimes to survive or it may be that they don’t understand the difference between right and wrong because they are mentally ill. In this day and age the most related reason to crime is drugs. Addicts need more and more drugs to keep their cravings down and to keep them going. To keep the addicts going they have to buy more and more drugs. If they have no money of their own to buy the drugs the only option they have open is to steal and commit fraud. Peer Pressure is also another reason for crime. There are mobs that think its funny and tough to beat people up, others put graffiti on public property. Some people get a thrill or a rush from committing petty crimes. Others do it for revenge; if they feel hard done by they make take it out on the people they feel oppress them. Most of all the people I have listed commit crimes to feel good and powerful.

        There are many methods of punishment, but it isn’t always about chastising them. Punishment can be used as deterrence against criminals to stop them from committing crimes and also to deter others not to commit crimes either. Punishment can also be a form of revenge/retribution against the criminal for the benefit of the victim(s). It makes the criminal suffer for their crimes and therefore helps the victim’s bereavement easier or justified. Punishment can also be for protection to the society against the criminal if they are dangerous. It could be in the public’s best interests and also the criminal’s if they are punished. Reformation is another form of punishment, this means that’s the criminal can change their ways and makes them less likely to commit any more crimes. There are many varieties of punishment, where many aren’t even present in our society, but work nicely in other cultures: detentions, fines, torture, privileges taken, community service, tagging, curfews, jail, execution and many more. These punishments are used appropriately in conjunction to the crime committed. Most of these punishments are used in our society except execution or capital punishment. In this essay I will talk about if I agree or disagree that capital punishment should be brought back into our society. I’ll give reasons for my answer and show that I have thought about other points of views.

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        Capital Punishment is when a criminal is executed for a crime. There are a lot of methods of execution nowadays. These days the only used methods consist of hanging, gassing, firing squad, the electric chair and lethal injection. Our society hasn’t used capital punishment since 1970 when it was permanently abolished after a five-year trial. Although some cultures still use capital punishment. Some people believe that it should be brought back to deter and to take revenge on any extreme criminal. Capital punishment for deterrence theorists should be brought back to deter the criminals and any other who considers committing ...

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